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Tim Proctor
05-29-2012, 07:26 PM
I am creating some recurring NPCs that are sometimes on the side of the group and sometimes on the opposite of the group. So anyways here is the first one. I'm building them with the same rules that he characters have with their creation and the same amounts of money.

This guy is a psychotic assassin who is just crazy and ends up working with the group once before they find out that he's a psychopath and kills people for fun. ANY suggestions?

Benjamin Poindexter
Human, Male CR 12, AL CE;
Rogue 7/Master Thrower 5
HD 7d6+5d8+36; HP: 86
Init +8;
Spd 30 ft;
AC 10+8+1+3+1+2 (25) Flatfooted (25) Touch (19);
BAB +10/5; (+1 WF, +1 PBS, +8 Dex, -2 TWF, -2 Rapid Shot, -5 on 1 with ITWF)
Full Attack: +16, +16, +16, +11, +11 Dmg: 2d4+Possible Sneak Attack DMG
Standard: +16, +16, +11, +11 Dmg: 2d4+Possible Sneak Attack DMG
SV Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +3;
Str 10(+0), Dex 26(+8), Con 16(+3), Int 10(+0), Wis 10(+0), Cha 8(-1).
Skills and Feats:
Balance (Dex) 15+8+2 (25), Bluff (Cha) 5-1 (4), Disguise (Cha) 15-1+2+10(26), Escape Artist (Dex) 5+8(13), Hide (Dex) 15+8 (23), Jump (Str) 5+2(8) Move Silently (Dex) 10+8 (18), Sleight of Hand (Dex) 15+8+2(25), Spot (Wis) 6 (6), Tumble (Dex) 15+8+2(25)
Palm Throw, Sneaky Shot, Weak Spot, Sneak Attack 4d6, Trap Sense +2, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Quick Draw, Improved Evasion, Snatch Arrows, Critical Throw, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (dart), Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot.
Gloves od Dexterity +6, Hat of Disguise, Efficient Quiver (60 darts, Tanglefoot Bag x6, Smokestick x6, Alchemist Fire x24), Ring of Protection +1, Bracers of Armor +3, Amulet of Natural Armor +1. Ring of Force Shield.
Standard Combat Routine:
Sneak up them use a full round action attack them w/o their Dex bonus on a touch attack (thanks to Weak Spot) hit them for 10d4+20d6 dmg. Use his high initiative to Sneaky Shot (deny dex bonus on a sleight of hand check) and his them for 8d4+16d6. If they are still alive then he runs away.

Tim Proctor
05-29-2012, 08:06 PM
Here is another one, he's not psychotic works on the same mission but this guys ends up being an ally for most battles.

Trey D. Wilson
Human, Male CR 11, AL CN;
Ranger 2/Ninja 9
HD 9d6+2d8; HP: 45
Init +4;
Spd 30 ft;
AC 10+4+3+1+1+5 (24) Flatfooted (15) Touch (20);
BAB +8/3;
Full Attack: +11/ +11/ +6/ +6 (1d6+possible Sudden Strike 5d6, Inflict Critical Wounds 3d8+5)
Standard: +11/ +11/ +6 (1d6+possible Sudden Strike 5d6, Inflict Critical Wounds 3d8+5)
SV Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +3;
Str 10(+0), Dex 18(+4), Con 10(+0), Int 10(+0), Wis 20(+5), Cha 18(+4).
Skills and Feats:
Balance 5+4 (9), Bluff 14+4 (18), Disguise +14+4+2+10 (34), Hide +14+4 (18), Jump +2 (2), Move Silently +14+4 (18) , Spot +14+5 (19), Tumble14+4+2+2 (22), Use Rope +2+4(6).
Sudden Strike 5d6, Ki Power (14 pts), Ki AC Bonus, Favored Enemy (Human), Track, Wild Empathy, Combat Style (2 Weapon), Trap Finding, Ghost Step, Poison Use, Great Leap, Acrobatics, Ki Dodge, Speed Climb, Ghost Strike, Improved Poison, Acrobatic Strike, Tumbling Feint, Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.
Hat of Disguise, Bracers of Armor +3, Gloves of Dex +4, Incandescent Blue Ion Stone, Cloak of Charisma +2, Handy Haversack, (2) +1 Short Swords of Spell Storing (Inflict Serious Wounds), Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Natural Armor +1.
Standard Combat Routine:
Use Ghost Step to close with the enemy and use a Full Attack against their Flat Footed, use Improved Feint to continue to force them to be dex denied. If needing to move through combat use Tumbling Feint and Acrobatic Strike and use Ki Dodge to grant concealment.

Tim Proctor
05-31-2012, 04:29 PM
What is the question?

06-09-2012, 04:55 PM
ioun stone seems out of place on a ninja, but i guess he is not the sneaky type, per se.

i guess the questions is rather than any suggestions, is there a particular area that you are wanting suggestions in? i mean, the character is what it is? asking for suggestions seems like saying that you know something is wrong with these characters as presented. what are your thoughts?