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It is time to return to Monster Island and see which five of the creatures remain standing. Our judges have poked, prodded, and challenged each monster adversary, and today we have the second of the five available for you, the voting public, to look over and determine if its creator is worthy of the crown! Take a look at the Karguth, which is presented to you in its unedited format!Karguth, the Hill That Eats
In the haunted land of the giants a terrible fusion of demon and elemental gathers souls to fuel its hunger for power!
In the early days of the Great Mage War a mage sought to summon a demon and bind it into the body of an earth elemental to create a weapon to destroy her foes. The twisting of the ley lines that she called on had unintended consequences and the demon escaped her command, slaying her before it descended on a nearby city devouring all within. As it devoured souls it grew in size and power. Intelligent and cunning the creature lurked on the fringes of the escalating war until the Great Old Ones were summoned, when it hid biding its time. In time the war ended and the creature, now swollen by many souls resumed prowling the world and a new name began to be whispered through haunted land of the giants; Karguth, the hill that eats.
Karguth usually appears to be nothing more than a small hill some 20 feet across until it moves. As it moves the elements of its form can be seen; arms with thick hands and stalactite fingers, a massive head studded with granite outcroppings and a gaping cave for a mouth. When it moves the earth shakes and screams in protest, and fire and black ichor seep from its footsteps. Karguth is a destroyer with a cold immortal patience that guides it to seek greater power.
Over the years Karguth has gathered a following of feral giants and other foul creatures lead by a taiga giant rumoured to be a shaman who has made pacts with Karguth to inhibit the influence of the ancestors on the lesser giants that serve the demonic elemental.
Karguth, The Hill That Eats
Level 23 Solo Brute
Gargantuan Immortal Magical Beast (Demon, Earth) 25500 XP
HP 1040; Bloodied 520******************************** *********** Initiative +0 (See Implacable Earth)
AC 38; Fort 38; Ref 30; Will 34************************************************ ******** *********** Perception +11
Tremorsense 15
Immune fear, sleep Resist 20 fire, 20 lightning, 15 variable (3/encounter)
Speed 6
Saving Throws +5
Action Points 2
Implacable Earth
Karguth gets a full turn at initiative counts 30 and 10. It cannot delay or ready actions. If it is granted immediate actions, it can take one after each of its turns.
Relentless Assault
Whenever Karguth ends its turn, any dazing, stunning, immobilizing or dominating effect on it ends.
Immense Form
Karguth’s ranged and area attacks do not provoke opportunity attacks.

Screaming Earth (Fire, Psychic)

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