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05-28-2012, 02:33 PM
Premise is simple, players represent spheres of influence "demi-gods". This also grants a wild die equal to the associated trait die and defaults to d6. Free soak rolls equal to your rank as a number. Trappings for the super powers should reflect players aspects and spheres of influence. The year is 2013 and you are among the few people chosen as paragons to a past phenomenon of heroic near godlike powers both malignant and benign. I am starting this game in Jacksonville Florida as I am most familiar with it, being of the Southern States your Realm mimics that closer to the myths and mythos of The British Isles. Like knights, faerie, folklore, etc etc etc.

Character Creation
Standard 5 point spread, all stats begin at d6. Skills, standard 15 points, keep in mind (example: AGL d8, Fighting d10 will yield d10+d8. If his AGL is d10 then the wild die would be d10, for d10+d10.)

Is of no importance in this type of campaign, however should it become an issue we can handle it then.

It all depends upon where the source and what the effect as for existing settings. If its equal to no more than say a +2 or die increase per level. I am open to custom edges.

AB Super Powers
Trappings is the word of the day, you want Psionic powers? Then make your blast "mental/psychic" this would be useless against robots and or any other automaton.

Minor-Major: Weakness/Vulnerability/ect., you take a 2-4 point detriment. That's a -2 save/soak and or a +2 damage/effect and or +1 die shift. This becomes a +4 or 2 die shift in effects and detriment.

Okay Now What?
You are all paragons of good, benign powers dedicated to the common good of all mankind. You all know of the Union of Universal Evil some of these hold mere cults of followers at best, others have nations and or ethnic groups as followers. You draw off the public you protect in the form of reputation, this can also represent benign cults, fans, morale support of all types. Social tricks and persuasion is always added or subtracted depending on the situation. One example would getting a crowd to react in a favorable manner or to intimidate a group cultists.

You all were imprisoned in a facility for the study of "Phenom". This is what it has come to be known as. This group was organized by your liberators "The Ascendants", a group of moral goods, committed to protecting the weak.

If you're interested contact me via email deaconabyss@gmail.com or here in the forum.