View Full Version : Fading Earths - A Cyberpunk Saga

05-27-2012, 12:43 PM

We're looking for a player to round out our group.

Right now we are running a heavily modified Cyberpunk 2020 campaign with Shadowrun races and a heavy splash of Fading Suns making an appearance as the campaign matures.

We game on Saturday nights between 5 PM and Midnight

Reply, message, or email me if you are interested.


The year is 4999. The advent of the new millennium has brought all the usual doomsayers and conspiracy theorists out of the wood work. Only this time, it's different. The sun of the Noralia System is fading, leaving scientists struggling to find the cause. Corporations are consolidating their grasp on the governments of the solar system and in some cases openly vying for control of remote and developing colonies. Derelict ships of alien design have been found floating in the asteroid swarm sparking a new front in the cold war between corporations and the governments trying desperately to retain relevance. All the while, the mysterious Zhodani from the neighboring solar system wield unimaginable influence manipulating all players to their own ends.

The system is locked in an increasingly complex dance of powers that all in-the-know recognize as a powder keg just waiting for a spark.

There is also one corporation that has raised eyebrows across the board. Millennial Frontiers has burst on the scene sporting technology and pharmaceuticals unheard of. Their aims are mysterious and the source of their technology is unknown.

A few aspects of this corporation are obvious, they hire off the streets, out of the ranks of the best shadow-runners. And they appear to be preparing for war.