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Tim Grunkemeyer
05-26-2012, 09:33 PM
I am looking for players to join a role-playing game group that meets in Troy Ohio. Troy is about twenty minutes north of Dayton. We will meet every Wednesday from 6pm until 10pm.

The group will play rpgs that are quite different from traditional role-playing games. The game mechanics are designed to promote improvisation, creativity, interactions between players, and story/character development.

The first game we will play is The Roach (a.k.a. The Shab-al-Hiri Roach) by Jason Morningstar. I own the book and Ill have hand-outs with the info you need so you will not have to invest any money to play the first game.

In subsequent games you may have to invest a small amount in a book. The books for indie rpg's are quite cheap, often between $5 and $10 and even less if it is on pdf.

If you want to know more about The Roach or other games of this type check out The Forge at http://www.indie-rpgs.com/articles or http://theunstore.com.

E-mail me if you plan to play.