View Full Version : DnD Next Playtest

05-26-2012, 01:20 PM
Our group is in the DnD Next play test. We have four players and a DM right now. We would like to get one or two more players to join our group. We are all working adults, some with spouses and children, so we sometimes have obligations that leave us a PC short.

We are playing the DnD Next Caves of Chaos play test to start. We play with an equal mix of intrigue, exploration, and combat. We usually play in McKinney but sometimes in Wylie on Thursday nights from about 6:30-10:30. If you are over 21, enjoy a good story, and like rolling the dice among friends then please contact me at tx7_iron@yahoo.com. Inexperienced players are welcome.

Preinterview required. We also get together on 'B-B-Q holidays', for pool parties, and travel to GenCon together, so if you come into our group and stay you become a friend.