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05-22-2012, 08:04 PM
The serpent fell, the poison came, most lands and seas in it's wake corrupted. No one is sure how the venom changes things it touches; though many search through arcane tomes, scientific formulas from Rhodes and even prayer for answers. One thing that remains true, it is no easy task, lands need to be physically purged of all taint before building on the ruins.

It is now the summer of 1948, you have been traveling and for whatever reason your path led through Utah. Some encounter landed you in the Utah penal system for no more than a 5 year but less than a two year sentance. The reason is not important however, around your 3rd to 6th month in you are escorted to the warden's office where 2 well dressed men and the warden sit. The guards sit you down and the 2 men adress your group, "A rumor has come our way that a valuable artifact of the faith has surfaced in the east near Dayton. You folk seem to be able body adventuring types given your being this close to the poisoned lands. Maybe we can come to an agreement and grant you clemency."

The chance you have met in prison is up to you, though it is a near certainty you have at least crossed paths on some level.

Breaking the Rope of the Norns (http://atomicovermind.com/blog/?p=415)
Operation John Henry (http://atomicovermind.com/blog/?p=417)
Serpent Fall (http://atomicovermind.com/blog/?p=506)
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The Eagle Broken, The Lion Waiting (http://atomicovermind.com/?p=527)
Ophi-Tech (http://atomicovermind.com/?p=610)

Game will be 8-12midnight EST, day is yet decided but will be a day between Monday and Thursday.
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05-30-2012, 03:04 AM
Register here (http://www.infrno.net/games/2429-the-day-after-ragnarok/registration_desk) I am going to GM on Infrno.net using SKYPE.