View Full Version : New Champions 6E Campaign in MD/DC/NoVA Area LFM

Soleil Noir
05-16-2012, 11:59 AM
The DMV Hero System Meetup Group is gearing up to start a new, long-term Champions campaign in about three weeks, and is looking to put together a core group of 4-7 reliable players. We'll be playing at the "Standard Supers" power level, and the campaign setting is an alternate Earth with a long and rich history -- the GM (not me) has been running different groups in it for more than a decade.

We play on alternate Saturday afternoons/evenings; we currently get together in Silver Spring since it's the most central and Metro-accessible location available, but that might be subject to change based on player distribution and availability of an alternate place to host.

All levels of experience -- both with roleplaying in general and with the HERO System in particular -- are welcome; we've got folks who've been playing Champions for a quarter of a century, and folks for whom this is the first time using the system. We've been playing other games for a couple of months now, and I'd say that the core group we've put together so far is pretty uniformly excellent and very enthusiastic -- now we just want to expand the group a little bit and let more people in on the fun!

One thing we ARE asking for, however, is a certain level of commitment from prospective players. By our way of thinking, being part of a gaming group is no different than being part of a bridge club, or a softball team, or any other regularly scheduled social gathering where the other members are counting on your reliable attendance -- please only apply if your feel confident you can make it at least 75% of the time.

To find out more, please come to our site at http://www.meetup.com/DMV-Hero-System-Meetup-Group/ and browse around the campaign materials and discussion boards, and chat with our GM, Michael McClain.

Hope to see you there!