View Full Version : Sith Apprentices

05-12-2012, 05:06 PM
This isn't actually my campaign, it's my GM's, but i thought i would advertise to try and find one or two other players, up to maybe 4. We are a group that has played various RPGs together for a long time, and this campaign is my favorite as a player. We try to emphasize a lot of RP, so if you are only into hack and slash, and get bored with negotiation/conversation/problem solving, this probably will not be your thing. We do plenty of combat, but being Star Wars, there is a lot of talk. We're all between levels 7-9 right now, just getting into the meat of Sith/jedi powers. The ideal players are low key and not prone to taking Role Playing personally. A couple of our past characters have killed other characters etc.. nothing mean, just the standard Sith thing.