View Full Version : RPGPundit and Bedrock Games team-up for Arrows of Indra

05-10-2012, 11:50 AM
We arepleased to announce that Bedrock Games and RPGPundit have teamed up to work onan exciting new project: Arrows of Indra.

RPGPunditis the author of Forward…to Adventure!, Forward...to Adventure! Gamemaster's Notebook!, and Gnome Murdered, as well as the upcoming Lords of Olympus. A notoriousblogger (Rpgpundit.xanga.com), Pundit is also the owner and administrator oftheRPGsite (www.therpgsite.com), one of the most popular general RPG forums onthe internet. Now you can experience his latest project: an authentic yetaccessible old school game set in a fantasy world inspired by the Epic Myths ofIndia during the Age of Heroes.

“Arrows of Indra is an RPG basedon the original and most popular RPG; intended for old-school heroic fantasy adventurein a world that is exotic and at the same time highly recognizable. Inspired bythe Mahabharata and other Indian legends, players may take on the roles ofbrave Kshatriya warriors, disciplined yogis, temple priests, assassins of thedark goddess, siddhis seeking the mysteries of the universe, monkey-men orhalf-demonic Rakshasa; and adventure in Naga-filled jungles, fight Asurademons, visit the ruins of ancient Rakshasa empires, seek out the shiningtreasures of the Patala Underworld, fight duels for money or honor in theKalari Arenas, or get caught up in the political and military intrigues of thehuman Bharata Kingdoms. No anthropology, history, theology or linguisticsdegree required!”


Lookfor periodic updates and announcements as Arrows of Indra nears release.