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GM Saint
05-08-2012, 01:30 PM
Name: Class of Hero High 2
System: Mutants and Masterminds 2nd edition (Ultimate Power required)

Hero High is a game about young mutants. It is set in a loose version of the Marvel Universe at Xavier's newest school near Las Vegas. When I say 'a loose version' it should be taken as I take the more classic or iconic versions of different events and characters. That would mean that Magneto isnt a psychic, Colossus isnt gay, Wolverine isnt some alien immortal (Not sure where THAT came from) and Mr. Sinister is a street thug leader who uses a pistol and has a gem in his forehead that doesnt do anything. I also ignore most epic crossover material such as Civil War or World War Hulk.

In general, the non-mutant side of Marvel is only vaguely present (few exceptions do apply) and I focus on the X-men characters. That said, there are very few canon characters active in the game. Emma Frost and Storm are Headmistress and Assistant Principle, respectively, at the school. A few of the Hellions will soon be moving to the school as part of the next storyline.

Hero High itself has gone on for several years now and has concluded several story arcs. These arcs have covered a powerful mutant group called "The Four Horsemen," not to be confused with Apocalypse's riders, to a high-tech band of anti-mutant terrorists, to thwarting the efforts of a billionaire mutant casino owner who seeks a subtle, political mutant coup. Currently they are locked in battle with Phoenix, a homo superior superior anti-mutant military leader making new sentinals equipped with mutant powers.

The current story arc is about to conclude, making this the perfect time to swell the ranks of the cast.

Out of character wise, Hero High is a fairly steady game. It ranges from steady (during the downtimes) to at least several posts a night, to, occasionally, giant postgasms. The game seldom stalls for more than a couple of days, usually when IRL events line-up among too many people at once. Those times are rare, though the small cast has allowed them to be a bit more likely lately.

Speaking of the cast. Hero High is looking for two-three new players, possibly more if I get too many outstanding submissions. I would rather recruit extra than make hard decisions. Currently, its only a three player cast as I allowed general attrition over the last year to whittle the ranks down experimentally. Noone has ever quit over drama or the like, generally its IRL problems that prevent gameplay. I run a very strict no-drama game. In character drama is inevitable, and fun usually, but disrespect between players is never tolerated.

If you want further information on the game, please feel free to pay us a visit.

A more thorough recruitment post can be found:


And the actual game is here:


Everything in the game is public. The character sheets, archives, etc so you could read up on, almost, the entirety of the game. Some of the oldest posts are in a Yahoo! Group, which is where the game was originally hosted. If you really wanted to read those thousands of posts, i'll happily fig out a link. Please excuse the archives. The most recent stuff, within the last year or two, is fairly well organized and clean. Older than that... I didnt always care that much for the archives being neat and tidy so they can be harder to follow.

If your interested, contact me here or PM on Plothook (Im "GM Saint", no underscore) or email me at Saintparananoia @ Yahoo .com

Note: One thing I like to point out here, in case its missed in the other thread I linked to. I judge full characters, not small sections of them. What is bad on one, isnt bad on everyone. I also love fluff. I prefer to hear out basic concepts before I see numbers. Not only does it show me you care more about fluff than crunch (which I do) but it saves YOU from statting up a character that I dont approve conceptually.