View Full Version : <AD&D 1E> Actual Play Podcast

05-05-2012, 08:44 PM
hey folks I am looking to start up a skype game in 2 weeks (5/19/12)

Weekly, Saturdays at 730pm CST to 930pm CST
level 1 start - will talk about characters and how to roll up once in group.

This is run in custom world, we will be using the Core Rules for AD&D 1E with the UA and Dragonlance book for extra classes. We do not use NWP, or crap like that.

If interested, please contact RFIStaff(at)Gmail.com

This will be an actual play podcast, skype is required with a decent headset connection, no web cam mics.

Please email if interested only. Thanks!

FYI Story trumps rules, DM style is on the fly to keep the flow of the podcast going.