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Lex Starwalker
05-04-2012, 03:31 PM
I'm wanting to start the Carrion Crown Adventure Path for Pathfinder. This is a gothic-horror themed campaign that will run from 1st to 15 level or so. [Note, this is the length of the published campaign. If we're having fun, I'm willing to keep going with the characters.]

I'm a long time player and GM of various games. I'm relatively new to the area and looking to end my 2 year hiatus on gaming. I've recently made the switch from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder. I've been playing tabletop RPG's since the early 90s. Most of that time has been spent running games. I've run D&D 2nd edition, 3.0, 3.5; Vampire the Masquerade; Changeling the Dreaming; and Star Wars (West End and d20 version). My longest running campaigns were in my version of Forgotten Realms (2nd edition through 3.5) and a Changeling campaign, both of which lasted years.

I've only run one module before. All my other games were homebrew. I'm choosing to do an adventure path as I'm new to Pathfinder and Golarion. This way I can jump in and run games without having to wait months to learn all the details of the world.

I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in people who've read any of the Carrion Crown books (not counting the players guide) or played in this campaign before.

I'm looking for mature players who want to roleplay. I don't care how old you are as long as you act like an adult. I'm not interested in min-maxers. I don't have a problem with character optimization as long as it doesn't get ridiculous and makes sense from an RP perspective.

I would say this AP is about 50/50 roleplay and combat. However, there will often/almost always be alternatives to combat. I try to tell an engaging, realistic story. I can get into tactics, but without good story and roleplaying, it gets pretty boring pretty quickly.

I'm hoping to find a good core group of players for long term gaming. I'd like to game either once a week or every other week, depending on what we can work out with everyone's schedules.

You can go here to get a free player's guide .pdf (http://paizo.com/products/btpy8j0q?Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Carrion-Crown-Players-Guide) for the campaign if you're interested. It will give you some ideas of the setting and ideas for character backgrounds.

I will be using the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide. I won't be using anything from the Ultimate Combat or Ultimate Magic books as I don't have these books yet. If there's an option from one of those books you really want to use, we can discuss it. However, I'm not allowing any gunslingers. For various reasons I'm either not going to include firearms in my version of Golarion, or limit their use to exotic lands you'll likely never go to.

Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

05-05-2012, 03:28 AM
Hi! I potentially represent 3 players; one of us is entirely new to RP games, while the other two are pretty well experienced but not really hardcore role-players.

Please let me know if you (potentially) have room for 3 players and if you have any problem with us knowing each other beforehand (I can't think of a reason why it would be a problem, though).

We're all 30+/-3 years old and reasonably mature ;)

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Welcome to the area, by the way [Lex] :)

Lex Starwalker
05-05-2012, 11:50 AM
No, no problem with any of that. It looks like I may have 2 players so far, so another 3 would make it 5, which is definitely doable. I'm totally cool with people new to Pathfinder and/or roleplaying. Many of my players in the past have been new to the hobby.

Lex Starwalker
05-06-2012, 12:42 PM
I'm still looking for potential players for this campaign. Let me know if you're interested.

Lex Starwalker
05-07-2012, 08:16 PM
Still looking for a 2-3 more players.

05-07-2012, 08:25 PM
Interested Player
I am very interested in playing I sent you a PM with my contact info. I am available Friday afternoons and weekends.

Lex Starwalker
05-07-2012, 09:01 PM
Awesome! I've responded to your PM.

05-08-2012, 04:00 AM
Hello Lex,

I would be interested in playing, but am only available on Saturdays. I've only played Pathfinder once at a con, so I am new to the game.


Lex Starwalker
05-09-2012, 09:25 AM
Still looking for players. Looks like we'll be playing Mondays from 3-10pm. However other times are possible, maybe Wednesdays or Fridays, if you're interested.

05-27-2012, 11:06 AM
Hey Lex -- I have some interest (but also in starting a group outright, not just campaign-specific). Sent you an email through Meetup.

05-29-2012, 10:50 PM
I am very excited at the prospect of playing a PC. I was usually DM in my not-comparably-long day and I would love an extended role on the other side of the screen.