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04-21-2012, 11:11 AM
My friend asked me to post this on his behalf, please respond via contact details below.

I am looking for a group of players/storytellers for 2-3 times a month weekend group. I have 2 other players who are looking to commit to playing that often. I live in Graham and am looking to play in the Puyallup area. I have been playing RPGs for more than 20 years. I am looking for a group of mature players who are looking for more than the usual dungeon crawl. Player driven Chronicle/stories are what I am looking to do so get your character concepts ready. I am not looking to play D&D as I have long since tired of the game. I am also looking to play in an old world of darkness game, Werewolf or vampire preferred. Ideally i would like to at least get a rotating storyteller thing going where one week I can play and another I can storytell. We canalso split the day where in the morning I run a story and in the evening I play. I am a storyteller and I have the following games set up and ready to go.
1) Legend of the five rings (Mythological ancient Japan) story involving court intrigue and political maneuvering. Some people just don't know when not to stab you neighbor in the back.
2) A Warhammer Fantasy RPG using either the L5R system or the White Wolf System, which ever people prefer. Its an Orc Invasion, good luck.
3) A Mechwarrior game. Players will be playing a few very senior officers that stayed behind after General Kerensky left the Inner sphere. The game is based more on political maneuver and leadership than shoot emí up, though there will be plenty of opportunity for that.

Please contact me if interested .My email is Shon 121@yahoo.com

04-23-2012, 10:39 AM
I would be interested if there was a possibility of moving the gaming to another evening as I work long shifts on both Sat and Sun