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04-16-2012, 08:02 PM
Henderson Not-That-Game Group

We're the Not-That-Game Group, in Henderson, and we're looking for a few good gamers. What game is NOT that game? Generally D&D and any of it's clones or derivatives of any version. Ever.

Our focus is on FUN, immersion, naturally developing story and rules that “get out of the way”. I am starting over with a fresh group, have a few people lined up, and want to add a couple more. We may rotate GMs if desired, and we may play games for a longer campaign, or try shorter ones out to see how they fit. We will be deciding on setting and system when we plan our first game!

When: 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, with optional 4th/5th Saturdays as desired (by the group). The 2nd Saturday is reserved for Vegas Game Day since you had to ask.
Where: Henderson (Near Eastern and Horizon Ridge), NV USA Planet Earth Sol System Milky Way Galaxy 1st Material Dimension (fnord).
What: Any (non-D&D/Pathfinder/OSRIC/D&D Clone) RPG that we fancy. Hallmarks; no escalating numbers or complexity, no high focus on killing things and taking their stuff. No kitschy caricatures of people killing, raping, pillaging in the name of “heroism”. We promise the Not-That-Game games we play will be fun.

We prefer socially amenable people who play well with others, have decent hygiene, an understanding of simple economics (if everyone has to buy snacks, books, supplies but you, that is economically unfeasible...), and are not averse to trying new things (no-that is not code for inappropriate activities, it is referring to game systems). A sense of humor is a required survival trait. Yes, I used the term survival trait for a reason. :-O Easily offended, touchy, socially reprehensible, unclean weirdos need not apply.

If this sounds like you, or you're brave enough to try us on for size, please contact me for a live in-person over coffee or dinner “interview” with our collective of misfits. We want to poke you first to see if you bleed. :-D

Trentin C Bergeron, Founder Henderson Not-That-Game Group. Trechriron10 with the at symbol then tag yahoo plus the dot com thingy on the end which makes an email you evil spamming robots of doom I hope when you read this you malfunction and cause your owners serious harm love Trent.