View Full Version : Torrance Gaming Group Looking for Player for New 3.5 Campaign

04-15-2012, 11:23 PM
We are a gaming group in Torrance currently looking for a new player to join our group for a new D&D 3.5 campaign.

About us. We are aneasygoing group of 3 (age 30s and 40s) who take turns DMing 3.5 campaigns that tend to last 6-8 sessions. We prefer quick "make sense" interpretations of rules to keep the game flowing smoothly rather than getting bogged down in rules lawyering. Character development and contribution to the overall campaign is more important to us than how powerful of a character you can build.

We meet once a month on a Saturday in Torrance, typically from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

We are welcoming to new players and experienced players alike. We would like to find someone who is easygoing, mature, shows up on time, and a desire to just have fun . If you prefer to be a player only and not taking a turn as a DM, that is fine too.

If interested, please send me an email at osakamatt(at_mark)hotmail(dot)com.