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04-14-2012, 10:33 PM
Looking for players for a 4e Conversion of Red Hand of Doom to be played weekly at Game Empire. This is mini campaign utilizing the Red Hand of Doom story with Dungeons and Dragons 4e rules and house rules. It utlizes material from Barrow of the Forgotten King and DM created Material. The Goals of the campaign include more role playing elements and story driven directions.


For over six years, you have been away from the Elsir Vale fighting in the brutal wars as mercenaries for the great Kingdoms. The death of longtime friend has brought the band of comrades to travel to Drellin's Ferry to present the body of their fallen brother to his father, the prestigious Lord Ardel Iormel. The Elsir Vale brings back many memories for each of you; some painful and some haunting. Only by fulfilling this oath to your comrade in arms has brought you back to this place. Traveling North you cross the great Wyvren Watch Mountains you reach the Kylex Pass, an underground tunnel once forged by the ancient dwarves of the Valley. The Dwarves of Hamerfast Holds secure the pass as a toll for travelers to move through the great cold mountains into the valley. Upon arrival through the frosty cold mountains, dressed in your furs you see the great gate of the Pass and the small stone building the guards and toll keepers use to stay war. Alas, as you approach you sense something wrong. No smoke burns from the chimney of the guardhouse, and it is eerily quite. The great portcullis is closed from the mountain and no one stands watch over it...

04-21-2012, 10:33 AM
Our First Meeting of this Game will be Sunday April 29th; 2:30pm at Game Empire in Pasadena. New and old gamers welcome. Even if you have played Red Hand of Doom back in 3.5, this approach will be different and the focus will be on storytelling. If you are interested, PM for any additional information.

Bring a Level 3 PC.