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04-14-2012, 12:10 PM
Www.fridaynightdice.com (http://www.fridaynightdice.com)

We are a weekly board game and rpg meetup that has room for more players and gm's

We gather, eat, play and have fun.*


The Building is a 4800 sqft Multi-Purpose building that we have access to from 5pm till ??? (at least Midnight*usually*1 or 2am)*

Bring your favorite game and some drinks/food. We pile all the drinks and food up on a table and share*among all the gamers. *So its like a big family playing games!*


We have 5 private rooms and a Large 3000 Sqft Main Hall*

One is a Video Game Room where people get some electronic gaming going on!

The others host rpg games every week.

And as always the HUGE main gaming hall!*

From Cards to Cribbage, Settlers to Squad Leader, Backgammon to Battling Dragons all are welcome!*

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Here is a link to the meetup. http://www.meetup.com/fridaynightdice