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Characters: 9th level using only the Player's Handbook (for races/classes -- old school is the best) and Dungeon Master's Guide (for items and such). If you want to use the house rules (see below), go ahead, but otherwise, nothing's super important, so don't worry about it.You have 36,000 gp to purchase starting gear, with no item worth more than 19,000 gp. Play any character you want within these guidelines, and have fun! Stay away from prestige classes unless you have talked to both me and JR about it.

Please reply to everyone with your race/class/alignment/name please.

I.******* If it is not on your character sheet it does not exist.
II.**** The DM is always right, and can change any rule at any time.
III.** Character House Rules
a.****** Characters may use 24d6 point-buy system for ability scores, 4d6 standard, or elite array
b.***** The new bonuses and penalties apply for sub-races as well:
c.****** Dwarves
************************************************** *********** i.***** Dwarves gain +2 constitution, +2 wisdom, -2 charisma
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Applicable sub-races: Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Dwarves with Martial Weapon Proficiency can treat the dwarven waraxe as a martial weapon.
************************************************** ******* iv.***** Dwarf speed is NOT reduced when wearing medium or heavy armor.
************************************************** ********* v.***** Dwarves can take Dwarven Armor Proficiency as a feat. This is a racial, fighter feat. Prerequisite: proficiency with heavy armor, race: dwarf. Benefit: gain +1 to armor bonus with selected armor. Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Instead, the bonus applies to a different armor type each time.
d.***** Elves
************************************************** *********** i.***** Elves gain +2 intelligence, +2 dexterity, -2 constitution
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Applicable sub-races: Grey Elf, Aquatic Elf, Wood Elf, Wild Elf
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Elves can take Elven Accuracy feat. Prerequisite: BAB +1. Benefit: 1/encounter reroll attack roll with elven weapon. Second roll is final result.
e.****** Half-Elf
************************************************** *********** i.***** Pick One:
1.***** Human Raised: +1 skill point/level
2.***** Elf Raised: gain elven proficiency and Elven Accuracy feat
3.***** Abandoned: receive a +2 bonus to climb, jump, survival, and swim checks
************************************************** ********* ii.***** +2 to any one ability score
f.****** Gnome
************************************************** *********** i.***** Gnomes gain +2 constitution, +2 charisma, -2 strength
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Applicable sub-races: Rock Gnome, Whisper Gnome
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Gnomes can take the Scent feat
g.****** Halflings
************************************************** *********** i.***** Halflings gain +2 dexterity, +2 charisma, -2 strength
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Applicable sub-races: Lightfoot Halfling, Strongheart Halfling, Ghostwise Halfling,
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Halflings can take the Versatility feat. Benefit: Two cross-class skills become class skills and you gain 5 skill points. This feat can be taken multiple times.
h.***** Half-Orcs
************************************************** *********** i.***** Half-Orcs gain +2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence, -2 wisdom, -2 charisma
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Half-Orcs can take the Savage Strength feat. Prerequisite: Unmodified strength score of 17+. Benefit: 1/day you gain +6 to strength. The bonus lasts for 1 full-round. The round afterwards, you are fatigued.
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Half-orcs can take the Scent feat.
i.******* When you die, you can remain dead, or you may give up on your character to create a new one at level 1.
IV.* Miscellaneous
a.****** Anyone making a Monty Python, Oblivion/Skyrim, or Warcraft reference must eat their character sheet.*This includes the DM.
b.***** Cheating is not tolerated.
c.****** You may challenge 1/hour.
d.***** Know your character. Otherwise the DM will dictate your character to you.
e.****** Warhammers deal 2d4 damage as medium size weapons.
f.****** Taint
************************************************** *********** i.***** The taint rules function as in Heroes of Horror* except as follows:
************************************************** ********* ii.***** Good-aligned characters do not gain any feats for excessive taint.
************************************************** ******* iii.***** Characters with severe taint shift their alignment from good to evil.
g.****** The ability Deathless Frenzy and the spell Delay Death double your full hit point total (including constitution modifiers Deathless Frenzy takes effect after all constitution increases from rage/frenzy/battle fury have been factored) instead of their normal effects. In addition, Delay Death is reduced to a 3rd level spell. At the end of the duration, you lose hit points equal to what was gained.
h.***** Enhancement bonuses do not affect your spells/day or hit points or other semi-static character values until they have been in effect for 24 hours. Thus, a wizard with an intelligence of 18 who wears a headband of intellect +4 does not gain spells like a wizard with an intelligence of 22 until he has worn the item for 24 hours.
i.******* The DC for death by massive damage increases by 5 for every additional 50 damage.

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did not see anywhere do u want race/classes/books from 3.0 dnd 3.5 dnd?

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well if 3.5 here is a char:
name: lucen hillcrest
class: sorcerer
race: human
alignment: cn

link to mythweavers char sheet