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03-29-2012, 01:42 PM

“Everything has a cost: power, gold, and especially dreams.”

Even in the realm of Dream, money is power and even dreams can be put up as collateral. In the decadent shadow of the Coliseum Morpheuon the wagers of bloodsport and the price of glory demand a steady flow of wealth and someone to mind it, and that miser is Gobseck Vaultwright, the black little heart of a corrupt empire. Commanding a titanic living vault that is likely the safest place in the multiverse, Gobseck sits atop a treasure large enough to ransom a thousand kings, giving him the power to grant fortunes, call due life-debts, and crush dreams.

Within you will find:

Gobseck Vaultwright, a malodorous moneylender with injurious interest rates.

CR 20 Male air-infused smoke duergar fighter (unbreakable) 3/magister 16
CR 13 Male air-infused duergar fighter (unbreakable) 2/magister 11
CR 6 Male duergar fighter (unbreakable) 1/magister 6
Air-infused and Smoke creature templates, for truly vaporous villains, plus two additional templates
Feats for magnificent magistes and stone-faced dwarfs
New weapon enhancements, armor enhancements, and magical items
A living vault so tough that your medical bills won't be worth the trouble of cracking it

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