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Last time I talked about sneak attack, I asked whether people felt the whole extra damage thing was central to the rogue’s identity and if it should be something all rogues have. It’s clear that most of you want sneak attack, but you’re split when it comes to it being essential to the rogue class and something that could be an option. Here’s the thing: I’m divided on this too.

03-29-2012, 07:58 AM
so the idea has merit, but what raised concern with me was the "more" orcs at higher level. I always thought that was pointless in 3.x. That was one thing I LIKED about 4e. If you don't like the idea of "another humanoid" make it EASY to have a higher level orc (not like what was done in 3.x, though).

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to expand, my idea would be to template/piecemeal it a bit. You have "cores" with which to work with. Level 7 humanoid, brute type. Then you add in a bit of orc (one or two abilities associated with that) and boom, there is your orc, but now at level 7, not level 1.