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The Crest of Leo

Medieval-Fantasy RP


The land of Fa’Alembrig, a diverse land of large fields, grasslands, meadows, valleys and mountains, land ripe for farming and filled with great bounty for those whose search. Rich in precious metals and game, humanity has prospered and grown strong in this land, with mountains acting as natural defense from outsiders wishing to invade, and has left them isolated to war with each other. A wealth of kingdoms have risen and fallen in this nirvana on earth, the greatest being the Kingdom of Al’Verinda, lead by the Wizard King Ava’ntes McClain. Under his reign the land knew such peace and advancement in technology that it was called the age of heaven, but as he grew older, the weaker his Kingdom became and thus it began to crumble. Splintering into three separate kingdoms each ruled by one of Ava’ntes three sons as they battled for who would rule the once beautiful whole they had destroyed.

The first and eldest son, Fal’cile McClain was the only child to receive the ability of his father to use magic and he used it to establish his dominance over his third of their fathers land.

The second son Gavin McClain who had received his father’s intellectual mind and quick wits at warfare brought his under control with well though plans and quick use of military strength.

The Final and youngest son, Alb’eret McClain had received nothing from his father except his looks, instead developing his own unique skill. He was master at arms and with the use of his three blades Dragon tongue, mermaid song and Roc Wing, all three a Flange with unique ability. His kingdom was established not by his strength, but by those he had gotten to follow him through loyalty, but his was still the weakest of the three, only surviving by surrounding himself with generals and advisors that worked for his father, having a circle of trustees that helped him.

The struggle for the dominance of Fa’Alembrig is continuing even today, much of the old technology lost under the bloodshed and a time of primitive caste systems separating the commons from the nobles as the three kingdoms still struggle for supreme dominance of the land.

The Kingdoms of Fal’cile, Gavin, and Alb’eret, named for their founders have entered into a time of unsteady peace that was born from the Rebirth of Fire, the return of the dragons from before the time of Ava’ntes. No more than Small border skirmishes happening as each nation watch the sky for the next dragon strike.

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~Current Kings~

High Lord Lawrence McClain, Defender of the land and provider of prosperity to the Kingdom of Alb’eret

Emperor Florence McClain of Gavin, Genius strategist, war councilor, merchant lord and enforcer of invention

Wizard King of Fal’cile, high summoner, Controller of Rycs, lord of elements, master of nature and defender of justice

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Rycs, or more commonly referred to as ‘magic’ is the force that is found in the earth and living creates that causes anomaly’s in the natural world that wouldn’t usually be possible, like a dead tree returning to life, or a fire turning to ice. Very rarely is it possible that someone can manipulate Rycs, ‘wizards’ or ‘Sorceress’s’ as they are called. Extremely powerful and immensely dangerous they are often discriminated against as to dangerous to live around because they themselves are an anomaly of nature. Like how some men are stronger than others, some wizards to sorceress’s gift is stronger than others, their talents lying in different areas.


In response to the Wizards and Sorceress’s unique abilities Ava’ntes, the Wizard King brought about the creation of the Flange. A Item created and imbedded with the blood of a Wizard of Sorceress that act as conductors to Rycs instead of the body that create specific effects designed by the runes carved into them. Can take any form, an amulet, a pair of shoes, even a weapon. Due to the years of war many of these items have been lost and thus they are quite rare, normally only found in noble houses or in the royal vaults of the three kingdoms.

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I am one of those guys that believe that the character isn't created on a profile, in a format, by when it is played so I won't be going with a set format that speaks of a characters personality, all I want is a name and a history. You know, something telling how your character got to this point in his life, major points that defined him can be brought out as the story comes. but say your character has flange's or is a Rycs user, which isn't likely seeing how they are exceptionally rare, I want a reason as to why you have it, how you got it. Stuff like that. And if possible, description should be told in your first post.

But for those who want a character format



Just send it to me, Lakross Saber.

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The Players

~Lawrence McClain~

History: The first born of High Lord Ma’lorth the third and as one would expect of a kings first he was brought up with the best of tutors from swordsmanship, to education, even in warfare strategies. Lawrence was a warrior born, his blood hot in battle and possessed a terrible rage in combat, even as a child. Even with a brother Lawrence could only be seen with two other people when not studying was the daughter of the court wizard, Cassandra de Seyssel, and his practical Shadow, Xavier. Known as a prodigy in all forms of weaponry and political inquires, able to see through lies and misgivings as if seeing through a glass window.

At the ripe age of fifteen due to a tragic incident his father, court wizard and four of his most trusted advisors were killed, leaving him to take the throne, and since his rise to the throne a litany of blood followed him, his younger brother, many nobles and even some advisors died in freak incidents. It has been a long ten years of his rule and in court he is known as the Prodigal King, in private he is called the Reapers favorite son because death follows at his heels like a hound.

~Cassandra De Seyssel~

Cassandra de Seyssel grew up in the court of Wizard King Ava’ntes McClain, she was one of privilege and wealth as her mother was Alanede Seyssel, a Rycs and one of the last few that could read emotions through dreams. Thus making her a wise choice to be Counselor to the Great King, her wisdom of events to come made her a great asset to the Throne. Not to mention that they were true friends.

Growing up with Alb’eret brought them that same closeness their parents shared and just as platonic even as the Palace whispered of their marriage, it was never to be and they both knew it. Theirs is a friendship untouched by anything more.

Then the day came when the Great King was gone after years of fighting to keep the Kingdom together and with him her own mother was caught as well as 4 other Council members in a freak hunting accident. With that Cassandra moved to her mother’s seat, to the right of the King as his Advisor and most loyal friend.

Cassandra’s strength lies within her ability to manipulate the minds of others; be it a tiny whisper in the ear or the sight of a blade coming at ones face, she could make what ever her victim wishes, or fears come true. That is only the tip of the ice burg, her strength in skill being unfathomable as she continues to grow ever stronger, even if it is only in short bursts. She has been used as great source of information for the King, much can be learned hearing the most inner thoughts of those around her, of course she could not read everyone. There are those that have enough will to prevent her from entering their mind and flip through their memories and emotions but there were others that she could manipulate as they stood before the King. It wasn’t always easy and it did take her energy depending on how strong the persons mind was. But once she was in it was all but impossible to remove her.

Where she was strong in magic she wasn’t a warrior and could barely hold a sword without hurting herself so she doesn’t, not that Lawrence hadn’t tried to teach her the blade arts since they were young, it just wasn’t for her. Cassandra doesn’t really like touching too much and the thought of getting someone else’s blood on her, well that just wouldn’t be good at all. She could use a small dagger but her weapon was her mind.

~Lilith 'The Chameleon' Rennac~

History: Nothing too much is known about ‘the Chameleon’ before she becamethe new leader of the Underground Thieves Guild about six years ago after the ‘accidentaldeath’ of the previous leader. Her identity never revealed and her tacticsnever clear, she has been a thorn in the side of all the guards of the villagesand towns that she holds in her map. About a month ago, she ran into an elderman, a Wizard, and come along some information that turned out to not be in thebest interests of the land. Unfortunately, Lilith cannot even remember her ownname due to the wizard locking her mind before selling her off to a slavecaravan; a caravan that was headed towards the capital


History: Raised by his grandmother Kayla Xavier was always weak in body. His grandmother was a powerful witch, preferring to live in the woods deep away from anyone as she raised her grandchild, training him to use what was naturally given to him, his lithe body and knack for remaining hidden when he wished.

One day though the two received a visit from the king of the lands, the High Lord Ma’lorth with a regime of soldiers paid them a visit. Things were tense at first as the King was aware of the grandmother’s abilities, but Mal’orth was dangerous in his own so a compromise was met. In exchange for the Grandmother being left to her own devices she promised the support of help in anything she was asked and her son was taken as a ward of the state.

Xavier’s training was continued at the castle where he was told that from then on he would act as the shadow of Lord Mal’orths first born son. To be a guardian and whatever else was asked of him. Though the son was harsh to him at first after a terrible incident while out hunting the two became close and even know holds a friendly relationship with the current king years later.

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~Rp now Open~

The older woman let out a small grunt as she stretched her back, a crack resounding in the spacious hall as she carried the wash in the basket on her hip. She was rather tall for a woman, hair more gray then brown and still retained some of her beauty from youth. She wore the standard brown linen dress with white apron most maids now wore.

She would really need to speak to her lord about getting the wash room moved closer to the courtyard for drying, or get more maids. The older woman frowned, scratch that last thought the lord caused enough trouble with the maids they had already. Honestly for a man with access to what equated to a personal harem he had too much free time and somehow found ways to get in trouble with the workers, young maids in particular.

Lynette sighed as she reached the large wooden door in the side of the large stone hallway and had to force it open. She would also have to talk about getting these doors greased, not all of the castles inhabitants were built like a raging bull. She had to shy away from the sun as it blazed a spot in her eyes; they really needed to move the wash room. After she got used to the intensity of the sun Lynette walked out into the courtyard and stopped.

A grassy plain set out before her, bordered by massive gray walls that towered above her, nearly fifteen feet of solid stone with watch towers at each corner. In the plain before her, trainees were put through drills, instructors shouting as someone performed a sword strike wrong and telling them to do it again. She strode through the divides in area’s as the younger men struck wooden posts, practiced with each other and learned to handle the heavy pikes and halberds.

Their heavy, steel armor worn even in the day’s heat but it seemed not to affect them in the least; it was always hot in Alb’eret. It never snowed and the coldest of times was only a slight chill that caused one to snuggle closer to their partner. Lynette passed another couple of maids as they rushed by, carrying more clothes for the wash and Lynette groaned internally. The work was never finished in the castle and she wondered how anything would get done without servants to do it.

As she passed through another gate, much easier to open then the first she smiled as the shade covered her. She preferred the garden to the court grounds, even if she could still hear them in the distance. As she walked among the beautiful flowers of purple, white, red and array of colors she felt at peace. She liked that the clothes line was out here, but it did need to be closer to the wash room so she would discuss it with the lord. Or not.

As she hung the wash up her peace was disturbed with another maid calling for her from the garden door, the sound of training becoming slightly louder. “Well, what is it?” She asked as she walked from the wash line and fixed the younger maid with a stern look.

The young maid was one of the newer ones to her job and quite pretty with long, dark hair and a pleasant figure whittled under the look. One of the few Lynette’s lord handed gotten into trouble with, yet. Lynette grimaced then eased back, she was still a bit grumpy from her back. “Come now dear, what is wrong?”

The girl composed herself quickly, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear as she stood straight. “I was told to find you by the Lord Argus and inform you that our lord,” The girls eyes sparkled as she spoke of the castle’s lord and Lynette frowned. Their seemed to be a fascination with the Lord among the younger generation, perhaps all the rumors of his skills as a warrior and piercing look bred this fascination but Lynette couldn’t understand it. He was still only human, even if he was a great warrior. “Has yet to awaken and the other nobles are getting tired of waiting for him, so would you and these are his words I repeat ma’am, ‘Roll his hide from under his current distraction.’ What ever that means, Ma’am.”

Lynette scowled, honestly after all these years one would think he would get up by himself now. “Very well, and you return to your prior duties.” Lynette’s mood was turning worse and the young maid whisked away with barely a courtesy, hair flying behind her as she scurried away. Lynette sighed as she finished hanging the wash and went to awaken her lord.

As the old maid kicked up her dress through the dark hall, slits of windows passing her as she mounted the stairs that lead to the upper level and the Lord’s chambers she was grumbling to herself. “Really, to think I would have to wake him up after all these years. One would think being a king would make him change, but here I am, still waking him up after twenty five years.”

Lynette reached the large, wooden, double doors and had to push hard to open even one, taking a refreshing breath as she walked into the darkened chamber. It was large, dark colors matching the walls with a large wardrobe of to the side, a closed balcony to the right and a large bed before her up on the wall, colored similarly. She walked up to the bed too see two figures sprawled on it, both uncovered and bare to the world. One faced down, a woman of darkly tanned skin and lustrous, raven hair who was using the others chest as a pillow, obviously content in sleep.

Lynette recognized the woman, she was another maid and this wasn’t the first time finding her here, in a similar situation. Lynette’s hand resounded quite sharply on the bared woman’s bottom, causing her to awaken quite quickly with a pained gasp and squeak. “Astrea, get dressed and to the kitchens for pot scrubbing duty now or so help me your family will be wondering where you disappeared to when its time for a family reunion!” The maid was barely back in her shift as she scrambled out of the room, rear still stinging.

Then the old maid turned to the man as he shifted position and shook her head. “Wake up, my Lord!” she said sternly, receiving nothing but a small grunt and she shook her head again. Lynette walked over to the closed balcony, the drapes blacking the sunlight that would normally be streaming in the room and she gave her lord one last chance. “Wake up, Mi’lord.” Still nothing and Lynette will admit, she enjoyed opening the blinds more then she should have.

The moment that light hit the eyelids of the man they sprung open and he quickly covered them with his hands. “Gah!” His deep voice let out, the sun burning a spot in his eyes. The lord always despised the sun, it hurt his eyes after a good sleep more then most, or so he told her. She knew it was just him over reacting. “Blast you woman, close the drapes!”

Lynette let out a little ‘hmp’. “Honestly Lawrence, you’re a King now. Get up early and I wouldn’t have to do this to get you up! The other nobles are waiting on you as well so get up!” Lynette sighed and hid a smile. “I will send up some food and you had better be up or I’ll be back with a bucket of cold water.” Lynette strode out, grumbling about back pains, leaving the newly awaken king to stumble out of bed.

He was tall, but not the tallest, with a full head of dirty blond hair that reached his shoulders in the back, his nose in the front. His blue, steel gray eyes squinted against the sun as he scratched at the beard that followed along his entire his jaw, a bit of stubble covering his cheeks, lips and throat with trimmed eyebrows. Their was no doubt that he was a warrior, his body heavy with muscle that was hard, not over bearing and a few scars covering his landscape of flesh as he pushed the balcony open, leaning against the railing as he adjusted to the light.

Lawrence had a good view of the courtyard as the new soldiers were trained, their voices reaching him now as they crashed into each other and wooden posts. On his walls, which were level with his balcony were guards patrolling, each large and decked in steel armor with a quiver and bow in hand; one noticing him and waving in response to Lawrence’s upraised arm. Then Lawrence turned his sight beyond his walls, the city sprawling out before him in a vibrancy of color that contrasted with his stony fortress. Large wooden buildings squashed together with a bustle of people that looked like a river of rainbow colors that almost brought a smile to his lips. He could imagine the hawkers with their wares, hollering out prices and products that one just had to have.

All this peace was protected by a second wall that surrounded the whole of the city, leaving the farms outside the walls to add another level of protection for the townsfolk. The life of a city, any city was its people, so his ancestor had to make sure they were protected. The capital of Alb’eret was one of the most heavily defended cities in the land, with great gates of steel baring access to any but friends and citizens.

Speaking of the gates, Lawrence could see that a line of caravans were being led through the city, large for him to see them so clearly, and quite a few. A trade caravan was a big deal, since they were allowed across all borders to stimulate the economy of said country, a recent advancement since the Rebirth of Fire. Lawrence grimaced, to think the dragons would come back during his reign, he had some bad luck. The king blinked and stood back up, a caravan of that size meant that their would be a few merchants bringing goods for him to see in hopes to receive a large sum in return.

That meant he had to get dressed, not to mention the other nobles waiting on him. His father had been avoided by the Nobles like he was the plague yet they seemed to be unable to leave him alone. Damn nobles and their damn ranks. He turned to get dressed stopping as his eyes met the large brown eyes of a maid walking in his room with a tray of steaming food. Lawrence watched as the young maid’s eyes trailed down his body to his- “Ahem.” Lawrence faked a cough and the brown eyes met his again. “I believe my eyes are up here, miss.”

His voice came out calm and smooth, confidence flowing from him like water in a river as he leaned back on the railing; the maid’s face bright red as she quickly placed the tray on the bed and scrambled out of the room with a torrent of. “Scuse me, Mi’lord!” and “Sorry, Mi’lord!”

Lawrence raised a brow after the woman left and scratched at his beard. “What’s she sorry for, I’m the one indecent.” Lawrence shrugged, women.

The king picked up a soft roll as he passed the tray on his bed, chewing a piece as he pulled open his wardrobe, revealing the row of clothes waiting to be worn, all brightly colored and beautiful silk. Lawrence grimaced, he hated getting primped up like a Peacock, he preferred leather and armor; curse of a warrior bloodline, but the courtroom was another battlefield and one needed the proper armor for the battlefield. The courtrooms were brightly colored and more uncomfortable then sleeping on porcupines, but not by much and perish the thought of lace, what was the world coming to when a man wore lace. Honestly.

Lawrence slipped into an outfit of finely cut blue and golden silk, blue forming the body with golden trim and darker blue designs on the body that resembled his family crest, a Rhinoceros. Collar high on the side of the neck, reaching the jaw while the front was cut deep to the hollow between neck and chest, his pants matched with blue silk and golden trim that held tight to the muscle of his thighs and reached down to a pair of black boots that reached mid calf. Finishing the bread he peered at the empty space on the right of his wardrobe.

There was a pedestal with a black colored vial and a purple velvet, golden trimmed and tasseled pillow laying on it with his crown resting on the pillow. The crown was mostly simple, a hoop of gold fitted to his head with its only decoration being a beautifully crafted golden double edged sword that designated the front of the crown. The handle was adorned with a beautiful sapphire for a pommel with two finely cut rubies at the end of each hand guard. The blade itself was facing downwards, two fingers in width and the pointed end of the blade rested between his eyebrows and it was sharpened as a reminder that while king, he could still be reached with a blade.

Lawrence pulled the vial from beside the pillow and poured the liquid inside into his hands and used it to slick his hair back. It was oil that gave his hair a sheen and kept it from covering his crown. He wanted all who stood before him to have a constant reminder that he was King. He pulled his crisp, white riding gloves on before picking up the crown and placing it onto his head, the blades point nestling in between his brow and right on top of his nose.

He then returned to the cooled food on his bed and quickly inhaled it before pulling the cape onto his shoulders, made to match his outfit, and yes he had a cape for each outfit. Tightening the clasp as he strode out from his chambers, he looked up to see Lynette waiting for him, a small smile on her lips.

“Good Morning, Mi’lord.” And she curtsied deeply as Lawrence stopped before her, face showing a soft fondness for the older woman.

“Lynette, you do have a way with waking people, you know?” he said with humor on his voice, the older maid smiling back.

“Of course Mi’lord, some one must watch out for the King lest he be seen as a lazy bumpkin.” The humor reached her voice as Lawrence began walking and she fell in line.

“You know, any other king would have had you executed for that.” His voice light as he tried to keep the humor from sounding out, by the look he felt Lynette give him, he had failed. She had always seen through his acting easier then most, much easier. If he didn’t trust her completely he would have had her killed long ago. The courtroom really was a battlefield which could be won with even some one like a head maid.

“Yes, but you are not like other kings, Mi’lord.” Lynette paused for a moment then added. “Besides, who else would wash your small clothes and not cringe.”

Lawrence clicked his tongue as he made his way through the hallways. “Nobles, caravans and witty head maids. Today is already turning out a shining example of life in Alb’eret, all I need now is a prissy court wizard and I’ll have my own comedy troupe.” Lawrence placed a hand to the side of his face as made a face of mock relaxation. “Oh wait; I do have one of those.” Lawrence smiled as he looked at the maid to his side that was shaking her head.

“Don’t even start with me, besides we have arrived.” Lynette and Lawrence stopped before the large doors, the maid bowing her head quickly. “Good Luck, Mi’lord.”

Lawrence smiled shortly. “I don’t need luck Lynette, I have you.” As he pushed the door open to the candle lit room Lynette smiled to herself. Maybe she could see how the younger generation saw Lawrence in a different light.

The moment Lawrence passed between the hallway and the courtroom an aura of cold, steel confidence surrounded him. His face stone and eyes seeming more steel gray then blue as he ignored the crowd of people standing towards the center of the large room. Nobles were the weeds of the world and if possible then he would have them all clipped. Lawrence walked to his throne; it was a heavy, massive wooden thing with designs carved in and with enough gold gilded into it to make an entire golden dinner set for a family of ten and a dog dish.

Lawrence took his seat with grace, his leg crossed over his other and head resting on his fist as his heavy sight landed on the closest noble. “Why do you disturb me now.” His voice was heavy and cold, in public he was a mountain, cold, unmoving and unforgiving.

The man he was looking at was short, bald with a graying mustache and was considerably wide and not because of his body type. His nasally voice drifted out as Lawrence noticed the lace he was wearing and stopped a sigh from escaping him. Damn Lace, what man in his right mind would wear lace? The noble, Miclios he thought, was letting on a Drone about how the taxes to his lands were quite heavy and how he hadn’t had a good crop this year. Lawrence silenced the man with a stare. “Court matters can wait until my advisor arrives.”

Lawrence’s voice brokered no argument and he received none, for five minutes.

A woman this time, tall with a hawkish nose and dressed in red finery that hid her easy life style spoke up her compliant. “Will your advisor be arriving any time soon?”

Lawrence fixed her with a glare. “She’ll be here when she gets here.”

Another ten minutes passed and Lawrence nearly let his boredom show as the nobles became restless. He might just have to go on without her if she kept dragging her heels. Luckily the large double doors at the end of the hall opposite his throne were opened and he knew she was here.

Polly Leigh
04-01-2012, 09:52 PM
As the doors opened Cassandra stood perfectly still for a moment allowing her eyes to adjust to the change in light, she knew she was late so another minute couldn’t hurt. Focusing on the first thing that she saw it just happened to be Lawrence. He sat on his Throne dressed in all his peacock glory; she suppressed a giggle knowing how much he hated dressing up for court. Ever since they were children he hated coming to Court but did and often just because that was where she was, just like she had found herself in the training field watching him practice.

She on the other hand loved everything about Court she could only guess it was because of her Mother. How she loved to watch her Mother sitting in the chair with the golden trim to the right of the King. She sat so straight and proper with confidence as she help guide the King in his decisions. Her command of the Nobles was unquestioned, always playing the perfect hostess. That is very first lesson her mother taught her, to be the perfect Advisor she would have to be the perfect hostess. Catering to the Nobles in a fashion, knowing when to bend them at just the right time, the right amount to get what you wanted from them to get what you need from them. Everyone played their own game and casualties were expected and never doubt you are playing the same game. The difference is knowing how to win. She could still hear her mother’s voice, “You have to play the Players of the Court like you play the harp. You dress the part, you speak the part and you act the part and you will truly be the part. Her Mother was right.

She slowly scanned the room and judging by the looks on the faces of the Nobles Lawrence had waited for her; with a smile she entered the room knowing the vision she displayed. Being a comfortable 5’7 with hair of a beautiful Honey blonde with just a hint of bloody red covering her back like a blanket of silken shine, she wore it straight with a simple head dress made of gold resting around her forehead. Her gown was black velvet that fit snug out lining her curves right down to her pointed sleeves with a gracious train that followed behind, accented only with and gold belt about 3 inches wide that crossed low on her hips slightly on the left side. She had known most of the Noble women would display their hoopy dresses while she chose just the opposite and she also knew that by tomorrow more than half would have a close replica of her own.

Giving a respectful curtsey Cassandra addressed the King, “Please forgive my tardiness Milord.” She rose and her sapphire blue eyes flashed a quick smile as she took her rightful place next to the King.

Lakross Saber
04-02-2012, 06:06 PM
It was astounding, too Lawrence anyway how Cassandra managed to make as large of an entrance as she did. More importantly as Lawrence fixed the woman with his heavy gaze, unable to afford softening it she had made him wait, on purpose no doubt. She did push her luck, but he supposed it didn’t matter, it was the noble’s time she was wasting and he would do as he wished anyway, despite their advice.

His head lifted from his fist as he addressed the woman before him. “You are excused, Advisor Cassandra. Please, sit.” Then he turned his heavy gaze to the fat noble. “Now, we may begin.” The noble bowed low as he began talking.

“Of course my lord, as I was saying,” He stood back up and began to rub at the piece of hair on his lip, Lawrence closing his eyes as he listened. “My land has had a bad harvest this season and I haven’t mad a great sale and I ask that in this time that if you would lower your tax I would be grateful.” The noble was smiling as Lawrence opened his eyes and simply stared at the noble for a moment. He received some nervous shifting from the man before he said. “Mi’lord?”

“Is this why you came to me?” Lawrence asked his voice the same, yet something more dangerous showing in his eyes.

The noble swallowed nervously and shook his head. “Y-yes, Mi’lord.”

Lawrence blinked then took a silent breath. “Your request is denied, your tax’s are no heaver then the others and even in time of sub standard harvests have made the tax demand.” Lawrence nearly smiled as he spoke the next sentence. “Guess that pure marble statue your having built will have to be put on hold until your harvests are better.” The look on the nobles face revealed the truth to him, a self centered and self important toad of a man. Lawrence was going to keep a watch on this one.

For more then half the day in the same drone fashion. They all wanted something for nothing but refused to do the oppisite, wanting him to make their lives easier for them without paying a price for it. Lawrence found himself wandering from his train of thought to the training field. Manevour after manevour going through his mind as the nobles droned ever on about their problem's. How his father had managed it was a mystery, one he doubted he would find out.

Why did they bring out their issues with property lines or betrothal worries but what coudl he do at this point other then listen and try to quiet their whines. Well he could behead them but he doubted that would end his noble problems. To bad, it would have been amusing.

“Next.” Lawrence spoke and the next noble filed up to give their case. It was a long time before all the nobles had spoken their piece, most petty cases about money issues and demands for compensation for damage down by bandit raids to their fields. Lawrence was nearly positive that if he heard another noble whine about how they needed more money he was going to kill them all.

“Excuse me my High Lord Lawrence.” The king keyed in on the small man that was now before him on his knee’s bowing. Lawrence blinked as he spoke. “Rise Malcolm, and state your business.”

The man did so, reaching a good height and had the tan of a man in the sun often. Wearing traveler clothes that were quite clean and a smile that looked almost natural with a rather handsome face the man was the head of the caravan and had met Lawrence on a number of occasions. Usually while trying to sell him some mystically rare and quite pricy object. “Good afternoon sir, and a pleasure to see you again and your fine city I am here on behalf of the caravan that is passing through your city and they wish to show you some of their more selective merchandise.”

Lawrence had heard the speech plenty and he turned his eyes to his advisor, his mind free of barrier.

‘What do you say, shall we?’

This was better then the noble's whining at least, and hell maybe he'd get to see something amusing. Like someone killing a noble, well one could hope right?

Polly Leigh
04-03-2012, 08:41 PM
Cassandra knew her friend was bored but as King Lawrence had to do his duty and he did it well. She had enjoyed watching her mother and Lawrence's father work the magic of Court and now she sat at Lawrences side seeing it from a completely different view.

Scouting the minds of the room was like looking at a photo album she didn’t stop long enough to linger just view unforced thoughts, it was the ones that tried to cover their thoughts that made her stop and probe further. It was easy to keep her out if you knew she was probing but there were no tails of her having ever been touching one’s mind unless she wanted you to know. She could plant thoughts and use illusions to make the mind believe what she wanted and it would be very real. That is why she and her mother were so important to the Kings of Alb’eret and have kept their Advisor’s gift a secret.

Almost giddy Cassandra thought through the link she and Lawrence shared, “Oh of course, I am most eager to see what is new, there must be new material for dresses and …. ” pausing she turned her attention toward Malcolm.

She had just passed him quickly for she knew he meant no harm to them. But he was trying to get her attention, something he has never done before. Trying not the show the alarm or utter shock to Malcolm Cassandra opened her link to Lawrence so he could see what she was seeing. A woman being forced unto the Caravan, a woman that was been touched by a Mage. Stolen memories, smell of power, brought her for help, tent at dark please help.

“Lawrence.” She thought in response to Lawrence’s question. "we must find out what he knows." Cassandra had to appear calm on the outside but this was her biggest fear and it was hard for her not to feel some panic as she could probe his mind no longer.

Lakross Saber
04-04-2012, 04:10 AM
Lawrence kept his emotions on tight reign as he saw the images Cassandra was showing him and his gaze grew harder on the man before him. How did he know? That didn’t matter as much as how many others knew, then they would find out where he had learned this. “I think, we will walk about the town and see what you have brought this time Malcolm.” Was his voice was colder then before?

He had to be honest, it was a truly beautiful event; the caravans arriving, it became a true festival as the various shops and troupes showed their services and wares. The wagon’s emptied of their burdens that were now set up on the streets. Beautiful silks, velvets and cottons weaved into even more beautiful gowns and outfits that were made in the other kingdoms and brought to them for a modest fee. The various shops offering a variety of unique jewelry, uncut gems, charms of unique symbols, beautifully polished stones and literature for a fair price.

More than just the sellers blinding the townsfolk with their wares and flashy speeches were the tumblers, acrobats, story speakers and showmen as they revealed their skills and told their mystical stories of heroes and princesses in tall towers guarded by the beasts of a dark wizard, Knights overcoming the seduction of a beautiful yet evil witch to save their loves so true. The Tumblers showing off their coordinated routines as they flipped over each other, juggled fire, swallowed the sharpest blades and danced through liquid forms to the beats of beautiful drums.

The acrobats balancing on the tiniest of spike points as they held staves with weights on either side, folding themselves into the tiniest of shapes, danced with wheels of fire spinning around their bodies before crowds of memorized on lookers. Men gathered around large barrels of unique ales and liquors that had been thoroughly chilled and prepared for their drinking pleasure. The smells of the meats being cooked was enough to make any man’s mouth water, the spices given the scents strength and surely the taste as well. It was truly a grand event and Lawrence couldn’t help but feel jolly. Well he would have if they were under different circumstances.


Malcolm left them to their own and hurried off to his tent. He didn’t want anyone to know that had contacted the Witch, if indeed he had. He also knew that we would have a lot of explaining to do. He only hoped that the King gave him the chance to explain. King Lawrence could be a bit of a hot head not much unlike his father but Malcolm felt he had a better chance with the old King. His time was short, dark would be here before he was fully prepared.

Polly Leigh
04-05-2012, 08:44 AM
Oh how Cassandra wanted to enjoy the Merchants and all the festivities that came along with it but she couldn’t push the thought from her mind that Malcolm knew enough about her to call to her. Thi sis something that he has never done before; in fact she never even found anything thoughts dancing around his mind about her having any magic ability. So he was either a very power user or he had help with an ambulant.

Of course that makes the most since, he is after all “involved” deeply with other Countries and like herself and Lawrence he is considered in a high regard.

This thought made her feel a little better, not much nor would it until she knew just how much Malcolm knew about her, and who has he told. She did keep this train of thought away from Lawrence she didn’t need him feed off her fear.

Fear … such a funny thing fear is, it just sits there in the pit never really going away. Her particular gifts were not common; any King would just love to get their hands on a Reader.
Lawrence, she stole a sideways glance at him, didn't take her for granted because he was more than just her King, he was her friend and she knew that he would do anything to protect her. Night needed to hurry.

Lakross Saber
04-08-2012, 06:19 PM
Lawrence wasn’t angry, no anger had passed. Curiosity filled him, along with a determination with what had to be done. Maybe an accident, Malcolm was riding a horse while hunting with the King and fell, neck breaking from impact. He could manage that, maybe got stabbed in a back alley while being mugged, also likely. One thing was certain, he had to know how Malcolm had found out then squash even the tiniest of rumors about it. It couldn’t get out, to much danger posed by that.

As darkness took its place and the flames of a thousand torches lit the city and the true festivities began Lawrence shrugged on the tough leather armor he wore in public. It was gilded and designed with his insignia, but still thick enough to stop a dagger from reaching a vital point to easy.

He was back in the main hall, cloak wrapped around himself and his hood up enough to hide half his face in shadow. No point letting people know their king was among them, bad enough he was leaving through the front entrance but the soldiers leaving for the festivities would provide the cover necessary.

Lawrence was simply waiting on Cassandra to arrive now and hopefully she didn’t wear anything gaudy or attention drawing. Lawrence frowned, it was Cassandra. Of course she would dress up, but maybe she would have the sense not to. It was a nice thought though.

Polly Leigh
04-08-2012, 07:51 PM
Cassandra hurried into the Main Hall, it was already dark and she needed answers, she had hated to have to wait to get them but sometimes patience was the only way to achieve what one needed.

Entering the room she saw Lawrence was already waiting on her, she hurried up to him still fussing with her gown. She had decided on full length crimson wrap of silk that folded and wrapped around her like skin, her hair she wore in a loose tail high on her head accented with a flower and a feather of the same shade as her gown. Her deep blue eyes were dressed in black liner as her lips the same crimson color. Her face showed no signs of the worry she felt. Her deepest fear in life was to be exposed.

“Shall we be done with this?” she asked knowing that Lawrence was ready to do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Lakross Saber
04-11-2012, 08:36 PM

“Of course, Lynette.” Lawrence clapped once. “She’s wearing the red one.”

“Of course she is.” The muffled voice of the head maid came from the servant’s entrance to the right. Then the older maid came walking out with a large, darkly colored fox fur lined cloak and offered it to Lawrence. “Milord.”

“Thank you Lynette.” Lawrence took the large cloak from the maid and walked over to Cassandra, who was smiling as Lawrence placed the cloak around her shoulders. The clasp was of golden spun thread with a heron symbol forming the lock.

“Oh, what is this? It’s different from the others.” She said in a breathy voice, feeling the soft texture of the fur.

Lawrence pulled the hood down deeper and turned his back to her. “Yes, it was designed to go with about anything your crazy mind can conceive to wear, now let’s go.” Lawrence could feel the woman smiling at him. Women.

Using the departing soldiers and maids as cover the two slipped from the castle unknown and proceeded to make their way towards the Tent that belonged to Malcolm. “Alright,” Lawrence started as the two stopped, pressing against a building as the crowds passed by like a stream. The voices drowned out the noise, talking would have been useless. Lucky that they needed no words. With a simple nod and smile Cassandra was off, pulling the large hood up to hide her face in the shadows as Lawrence watched her disappear into the crowd.

Lawrence blinked then looked to his right to see Cassandra standing right next to him, smiling from her hood. It was freaky how well she could do that. She had described it as weaving the Rycs into a shape that others could see. Lawrence bowed his head to the illusion and it responded with one of its own. Creepy.

So they set off again, he set off again, dodging between crowds with practiced ease as he watched the small tent in the distance grow closer and closer. When they-he-( He would never get used to seeing the illusion) reached the small tent he sighed then pulled open the flap, the illusion walked through and Lawrence followed.

Malcolm was standing in the middle of the large Tent with a drink in one hand, a desk and chairs to the right with small bookcases to the left and a table filled with various bottles.

The man whipped around, looking a bit off, he was sweating and his collar let loose. “Ah, Mi’lord.” Lawrence walked over to the desk, Cassandra 2 close behind and he pulled out a seat for her, Malcolm following them closely. “Please Mi’lord allow me to explain bef-” He didn’t get to finish as Lawrence whipped around and planted his fist directly into the merchant’s face.

Lawrence blinked as the fist flew, and it seemed to pause a few inches from Malcolm’s face before it went the rest of the way. As Malcolm writhed on the floor holding his face, Lawrence looked at his fist, then at the man on the floor. “Malcolm,” Lawrence said as he walked over to the man and planted his foot on his chest, bending over so he could look him in the face. His face was cold, stoic; this was business, and business was never personal. “We are going to have a long talk.”

Malcolm swallowed the blood in his mouth, as of late it seemed he never got a break.

Polly Leigh
04-13-2012, 08:06 AM
Cassandra wished she could say she was graceful as she moved through the crowds of buyers, drunks and thieves. Hell she just wished she was graceful at all.

Casting herself as nothing more than a shadow to the eye she hurried to the slave tent where the woman that she saw in Malcolm’s mind was to be sold this night. That wasn’t going to happen. She had already toured the carnival of merchants it wasn’t a matter of knowing where she was going but that of not bring attention to herself.
Ah there, she moved closer seeing the auction was already in play, having seen these before she knew the less valued would be put up first. She despised slavery and that was the basis of many fights between she and Lawrence not that he actually thought owning another person like property was alright he just understood the political and environmental aspect of it. To her it wasn’t worth it but she also knew that this was a fight she would never win.

Moving past the guards Cassandra found herself slipping through the tent flaps finding more guards and a line of men, woman and children; anger filled her as she watched the mistreatment of these people. It was going to be hard for her to leave them behind without help. Of course she couldn’t take on all of them either. But she could leave them with a thought or two.

Searching the many faces until she found the one she was looking for. Yes, the one out of place, the one that looked lifeless almost. Gently reaching out Cassandra poked at the woman’s mind seeking out anything she could which wasn’t much since she was picked up by the slavers. No wait, she was sold. Before that there was … something. Poking harder Cassandra came up against a wall, a very powerful one. This woman’s mind was locked away by someone who knew what they were doing. The weaves were tight and holding strong. She has not seen the likes of this before but she could read the weave which meant the woman was lucky meaning Cassandra could read the threads holding the magic; she can undo what was done.

Making a weave herself rendering the woman invisible Cassandra left unnoticed leading them both back through the streets until they returned to the tent where Lawrence was no doubt questioning Malcolm.

Lakross Saber
04-13-2012, 07:47 PM
“If you would just let me explain mi’lord I assure you I would be able to-umph” Malcolm sucked n a quick breath as Lawrence stomped lightly on his chest.

“None of your fast talking Malcolm, I’m not in the mood for it!” Lawrence blinked as he looked down at the man, his ears picking up a strange noise from behind. It was a whistle, like a blade cutti- The man instantly rolled forward, his shoulder slamming into Malcolm’s face before he whipped up and spun around.

He saw a woman recovering from a powerful swing that would have cleaved his head off with a blade that looked too large for her to be wielding. She was a young girl, perhaps nineteen or twenty and was dressed in tights, a dancer or perhaps acrobat, her dark hair cut short. Her amber eyes were decidedly pointed at him; he should have guessed that Malcolm would have body guards.

“Wait now, please can’t you all get along?” Malcolm pleaded as he stood up, the girl gliding around him with practiced ease; defiantly a dancer, a sword dancer. One didn’t flow through sword stances like that. Further more where did she learn them?

“Serah, please get behind me. We shall calm down this man and then you can talk.”

Lawrence raised a brow. We? With a quick pivot and folding of his knee’s Lawrence was turned around and ducking under another blade swing from the first woman’s twin. They looked close enough to be twins anyway, and he quickly shot up, grabbing the second woman’s hilt, his hands clasping over hers as he pivoted again to block the first woman’s swing in a flash of sparks that eliminated all their faces.

Lawrence redirected the bow, causing both blades to slam into the ground, his foot shooting into the first woman’s gut, sending her stumbling backwards as his fist slammed into the seconds face. She let go of the sword to grab her broken nose and Lawrence slammed the hilt into her gut, actually lifting her off the ground from the force before she fell back down, tears forming as she tried not to throw up what she had for lunch unsuccessfully.

“Tip for next time, use lighter blades. The heaviness of your scimitars slows you down to much.” Lawrence looked at Malcolm and raised a brow, his calm demeanor back. “Now, talk fast.” Lawrence lifted the heavy scimitar to point it at Malcolm as he helped the first woman up.

Then the real Cassandra came in, followed by a slave girl. Lawrence raised a brow. “Hmmm, didn’t you say that slavery was wrong, Cassandra?”

Polly Leigh
04-15-2012, 07:12 PM
“This one was a real steal.” Cassandra replied moving further into the room. Pulling the hood back she let her deep blue eyes soak up the scene before her.

She wasn’t surprised. “What have you learn?”

Lakross Saber
04-16-2012, 04:37 PM

“As of yet, nothing.” Lawrence said, watching the girl next to Malcolm.

“Honestly if you,” Malcolm pointed at him, “And you two,” He pointed at the two girls, the second holding herself up on her hands and knees, the other flinching as he looked at her, “Would just let me explain before you all decided to commence with the violencing!”

Lawrence raised a brow and shared a look with Cassandra. “Violencing?” they both said but Malcolm continued anyway as if he didn’t hear them.

“ I would have explained everything.” Malcolm reached into his pocket and pulled out a large golden coin that had a single red ruby at its center and flipped it to Lawrence who caught it with ease in his free hand. He then flipped it to Cassandra who tried to catch it with grace but fumbled and dropped it.

“Not. A. Word.” She said as Lawrence tried his best not to smile. Years of practice.

Cassandra took a look at the coin and nearly dropped it in surprise, a small gasp escaping her lips and causing Lawrence to speak up. “What is it?”

“It…It was my mothers…” Cassandra said quietly. She closed her eyes and her hand on the coin, directing the flows of Rycs into a weave surrounding the medallion. Yes, it was indeed her mothers, the resonance with the weave proved it, it was gift, a sort of protective charm. Keyed to a specific person.

“Lawrence,” Cassandra said as she opened her eyes. “When you hit Malcolm, like you usually do with any problem you face, did anything strange happen?”

“Time seemed to…pause for a moment.” Lawrence said, let the jab at him go.

Cassandra nodded and looked at the merchant. “What service did you perform to receive such a treasure? Do not lie, Lawrence was dealing with Nobles all day. He needs a punching bag.” Lawrence cracked his neck, a loud and harsh noise that delivered the message of threat.

Malcolm tilted his head in a tiny bow. “I am just a simple trader, mi’lady.”

Lawrence frowned and went to step forward but Cassandra held up a hand. “A trader of what?”

Malcolm smiled and gave the woman a deeper bow, as if conceding something. “A trader of information, Mi’lady. Everything you want to know.” Malcolm stood back up with a different set about his eyes. A harsher one. “For the right price of course.”

“How much for the information of the service you performed for my mother??” Cassandra asked with a chill to her voice.

“My life would be nice.” Malcolm responded and Cassandra gave Lawrence a look.

“Then I suggest speaking quickly, merchant.” Lawrence said in a low voice, akin to a wolf growling.

Malcolm nodded in agreement. “She wanted to know about…” Malcolm shot a look at Lawrence, who twirled the heavy scimitar threateningly and continued. “About the attempt on the previous kings life.”

“Do tell more.” Cassandra said in a neutral tone. “And Lawrence is losing patience, so I suggest haste.” Cassandra wasn’t just saying that, Lawrence’s mind was showing pictures of what he was considering doing to the merchant. He really wanted to protect her, how sweet.

“Well,” Malcolm started, “As I am sure you both now It was-“

Lawrence cut him off. “My brother, we know.” Lawrence’s gaze didn’t even change a bit. “Question is, how do you?”

Malcolm smiled and pointed at the swlave girl. “Everything you wish to know is locked inside of that pretty little head.” Malcolm looked at Cassandra and held up his hand. “The coin if you would, I have answered everything, no?”

Malcolm had a different set about him, he was confident and in charge. This was his territory, dangerous negotiations was what he was used to.

Cassandra used a trick Lawrence had taught her. It was pointless little thing used to impress others and she had done it right this time. Odd, she hadn’t even meant to do it. The coin rolled across her fingers smoothly before she flipped it up and caught it easily before sticking it down her glove sleeve. “When we get what we want from the girl, then you get it back. Lucky your staying for three days isn’t it?”

The smile was wiped from Malcolm’s face and anything he was about to say died when Lawrence let out a short laugh. It sounded humorous, yet gave across a very dangerous feeling. Like a tiger ready to strike at a rabbit.

‘How important is this thing?’ Lawrence though

‘I will know soon enough’ She though back.

“Well, I think we are done here then.” Lawrence said as she stuck the blade into the soft ground, looking back at the girl still trying to regain her breath. “…Do more abdominal training, or just get faster.” Then he walked briskly past Malcolm, who was scowling and held the tent flap open for Cassandra.

“Shall we then?”

~Back in to the castle~

Polly Leigh
04-16-2012, 06:27 PM
Cassandra orders for cheese, crackers, meats and chilled wine to be delivered to her workshop while she disappeared into her chambers, Lynette went hurrying away to complete the request as was her job. Two chamber maids stood waiting as she opened the door to her massive chamber, hurrying across the room.

Cassandra immediately started discarding her clothing. A pretty petite brunette started helping her with the head pieces while the blonde started picking up t the things she dropped. The women have been with Cassandra since her birth and they were trusted unconditionally but her.

Her chamber was decorated with different shades of lavenders and whites, silk and netting's draping from the walls and ceiling. Very soft, inviting in a cool way, her bed took up the middle of the room with heavy curtains hiding its’ massive size. Large color pillows sat in place on the two white lounge couches. Tables with trinkets scattered across the room with a Hearth at full blaze. A large vanity with a gold mirror behind it took on corner, a private bath almost as large as her room another and a space for her many shoes and clothes and a balcony with a view of the garden.

Stopping in front of the vanity she pulled the coin out of her glove, she fingered it gently; it had her mother’s essence all over it. Flipping it over her fingers without thinking an image of her mother came to mind and she felt like crying. Not realizing what she was doing until she looked down and dropped the darn thing. Picking it up she tried to roll it without success. This aggravated her.
But she didn’t have time right now; she had to collect a few things and change. Choosing a simple purple gown that flowed about her with sleeves of lace, it was new and perfect for what she was about to do. Thinking of that, she realized she was somewhat nervous, it’s not like she had done this before. There was never a need, until now. It was always dangerous not only the one’s mind she was about plow into but herself as well. Of course that depended on how deep she had to dig.

“Leave my hair straight.” That was the only thing she said while in her rooms, her mind was also on her mother. She had been probing Malcolm's mind and knew that he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer her questions. She was sure it was a way that protected himself or he would not be very successful in his line of work; to his credit he had not lied about the woman having the answers they were looking for. Time to find out who she is.

Her workshop down stairs next to Lawrence’s own study, he never strayed far from her. It was a protective thing with him even though she always carried a dagger or two on her person, she was not a fighter and didn’t want to be.
The room was filled with books and scrolls lining the walls and a very large work table stood in front of a Hearst that made Cassandra seemed small in size. Candles of every color and size stood unlit at the moment scattered about. On top of the pedestal that was next to a large table covered in various bottles of liquids of different hues and colors with a clear space in the center. On the pedestal stood a book about 4’ long and about as thick it was very old and could never be removed from the chamber.

The tray of drink and food arrived just after she did as did Lawrence and the woman. She had not known what he had done with her while she changed. Nor did it matter.

Cassandra indicated for the woman to sit in one of the large winged back chairs, they were over sized and most computable with deep red velvet lining the cushions and backs. There were four of them facing each other before the table.

“I need to eat before I begin as will you,” she spoke directly knowing she understood. To Lawrence “Malcolm didn’t answer anything but the coin was my mothers and it was made to fit the merchant. I will work on it later, right now I want to know who this woman is.” After a moment she asked, “How could we not know that is what he traded? Right under our noses … what else do we not know Lawrence? It is rather disheartened.” Taking a drink before handing a plate of food to the woman then offered one to Lawrence before eating from her own.

04-16-2012, 11:34 PM
The air was cool on her skin but the cries of the children around her didn’t fit in. she wasn’t sure what to do. One of the men there had told her that she was in a slave caravan but that made no sense to her. She just woke up one day, traveling with these people. She had searched her mind for something, anything but didn’t really find anything important; she couldn’t even find her name. Something told her that it started with ‘Lil’, so that was just how she introduced herself to the others with her.

There were other things that she seemed to know. She appeared to be swift and could hide in the smallest of places and not be seen, even in the light. She would find her hand held a fierce grip and her face always wore either a blank look or a smirk as she stared at her reflection off the water in her wooden cup. Dressed in the clothes of a slave, she had lightly tanned skin with dark brown eyes and long, matching hair, Lil found that her eyes told her that she held many secrets, much knowledge, but she couldn’t find any of it in her mind. Her mind had turned into a long hall of locked and sealed doors; only a few could open for her and only for a moment.

One was just dark, the loud cry of a baby coming close to her ears, making her realize that it was herself, screaming in the darkness as a pair of warm hands softly pulled away from her.

A group of young children, running through the dirty streets of some city, holding what little food they had stolen as guards chased them down.

Herself, in a large room, speaking to a beautiful, older woman as she sat in a chair of gold and jewels, her clothes the finest of all silks as she sat there, listening to what the young teen had to tell her.

Lil, herself lying in bed beside a young man as he ran a hand through her hair, whispering softly to her as he stared at the ceiling.

She now sat in that golden, jeweled chair, that man from her bed kneeling before with a smile as he gave her his report.

Then there were flashes. A staff with a crystal orb. A man with silver hair and beard. A deep voice, muttering something she couldn’t hear. And then…nothing. Nothing after that.

Lil didn’t understand anything that was going on but what caught her most was that man she had been in bed with. Who was he? What was he doing with her? And the golden chair…none of it made any sense, but it told her that she hadn’t always been a slave; whatever that was. While she had been sitting there in the golden chair, she felt power and joy, not this sad, emotionless feeling that she was holding now. No, she had been someone else, someone important; there was no doubt about that. And whoever placed her here was going to regret ever coming across ‘dear little Lil.’

Lil watched as a woman entered the tent. They had stopped at some city, she had a good idea as to why, and she scowled at her, her long black hair and blue eyes told Lil that this woman was no more than a child, emotionally if not physically. Probably just some whore that was sent by her lover to find a slave for his house but at the same time…this woman seemed to have a strange, certain feel about her. One that reminded her of the man with the silver hair; it made her frown.

She felt a strange poking in her mind for some reason as this new woman looked at her. It turned her frown deeper and she crossed her arms as the woman approached her. Lil had almost given her a snort as an answer to her ‘Follow me’ and would have gladly kicked her if she had touched her but something in her mind, she didn’t know what it was, told her to follow her. Little did she know that she was going to find herself sitting in a large room in a huge chair in a castle; whatever that was.

Lil took in the sight of the man that was in the room with her and the strange woman before her eyes fell on the maids walking around them. Was that what she was going to be become? Some one of came to her 'master’s' beck and call? That made her furious! She was not just some woman to be ordered around! Her mind was screaming, she didn’t know why, but she kept her face still, ignoring the plate that had been handed to her as she stared at wall across from her as she thought about what to say when all of this began.

Lakross Saber
04-17-2012, 04:29 PM
Lawrence accepted the plate of food with a nod of his face then proceeded to inhale it in under a minute. Lawrence sighed with content as he rolled his shoulders.

“Well Cassandra I have been one that has had to fight against ignorance my entire time ruling. The best place to hide something is right in front of ones face.” Lawrence smiled as he crossed his arms. “Honestly, who would expect a caravan head of being an information broker? I sure didn’t.”

Lawrence shook his head. “Anyways, we have a few days at the least. He won’t leave without his coin.” Lawrence looked to the large book on the pedestal. “He isn’t the type to give up what he believes is his easily.”

Then the king gave a look to the absent minded woman, the slave and raised a brow.

“Hey…Is she alright?” Lawrence directed towards Cassandra, quietly so as to keep it away from the girl he was speaking about.

“She looks kinda… you know?” Lawrence tapped the side of his head. “Stupid, or is the word addled in the head.” Lawrence rubbed his chin. “It is one of those.”

Polly Leigh
04-20-2012, 06:45 PM
“This one Lawrence is by no means stupid.” Cassandra gave a half smile, “what I touched on proves the Merchant was right to bring her to me.” Turning quickly to face him. “That doesn’t mean I am at all happy that he knows anything about me.”

Taking another drink and picking up a piece of ham with cheese talking between bites. “I believe that she is actually someone of importance, her hair and nails are well groom despite her appearance before us. Someone that would be missed if dead and possibly avenged but selling her to slave traders now that would leave a trail to follow therefor giving the Wizard to simply disappear.” Shrugging she took another drink, “At least that is what I think.”

Eyeingthe woman again she smiled, “I am confidant.” Pulling her chair closer to the woman Cassandra closed her eyes settling back in her chair getting comfortable, “Lawrence do not allow me to waken before I am ready, it could be most damaging to us both.” She didn’t want to think about what could happen if this didn’t go right but then again there was no way it couldn’t, not if she could read the weave used. Which she could. “Keep food handy as well if you please.”

Cassandra then let her mind slip into that of … she wanted to find a name so she started with the closed strand of the spell. To her it looked like a strands of thread the color of gold’s and silvers, so fine and delicate they appeared much like her own, of course hers were better. She soon discovered just how delicate, she would have to go slow.

Pulling on a thread closest to her Cassandra started unweaving until she reached her first piece of the puzzle. Lilith, well now I have a name, she kept talking to the woman as if she could hear her. Maybe she could Cassandra didn’t know but it made her feel better to think Lilith was hearing her and it helped. Cassandra pulled and plucked further and further into the mind of the Lilith and was amazed as some of what she was unraveling but nothing as to why she was sold.

Cassandra had no concept of how long she sleep with in the mind across from her, but by the looks of the room when she opened her eyes it was well passed mid-day and she starved.

“Water, food.” Her mind called out to Lawrence.

04-21-2012, 07:28 PM
Lil glanced between the two of them once again before shefelt that small slip into her mind. She opened her mouth to finally speak butshe halted herself as images in her head hit it. Her memories were finally…theywere finally coming. She found herself in that hall again. This time the doors giveor take half of them, were open and releasing to her the younger years of herlife.

She had been abandoned as a child, why she had no idea, buther mother left her on the streets. She hadbeen taken in by a boy not too much older herself by the name of Rhuen. He was the one that had given her name ofLilith. The two of them were best friends and seemed to begin their own littlegroup of orphans that decided to join with them. They made their own littlepack and were the constant pain in their city’s streets. Until they had beencaught. They were captured and soon, in the cells, it was only Lilith and Rhuenthat were still alive but they were wasting away in those dark cells. Lilithdidn’t count the days; hell she didn’t even remember how she and Rhuen weresaved. All she remembered was findingherself in a large, underground society. That was how she and Rhuen met LadyMarina. Lady Marina was known as the Queen of Thieves. Apparently one of her important companions hadbeen captured and they saved him from the cells. They had seen the two teensdown there and saved them as well.

Lilith felt that meeting the Queen of Thieves was just happening.She stared at the elder woman as she sat before her beside a large fire, thegolden jeweled throne she sat in glinting against the flames as her silkclothes looked so soft…After that night, Rhuen and Lilith worked as hard asthey could before becoming one of the top of the Queen’s men by their middletwenties. Rhuen eventually became more than a friend and the two of them had swornthemselves to the other…until the Queen wanted to make Rhuen her own. Itresulted in the death of the elder woman and Lilith ‘the Chameleon’ Rennac wasnow the new Queen of Thieves. She had taken over anything, Rhuen still besideher after everything for a few years more until…

That’swhere everything stopped. That was all that had been opened but it gave her aset of how she was. Her whole life, given back to her in just moments…why didthat make her sad? What else had happened? What had Rhuen been trying to tellher?

“Yes, please, water and food.” She felt like she hadn’teaten in days. It was then that she realized where she was at. But how was sheturned into a slave? Why was she here!? “I want answers.” She growled, lookingbetween the woman and the man. “Why am I here?”

Lakross Saber
04-23-2012, 03:08 PM
~While Cassandra was working~

“Yes, yes I’m sure she is quite intelligent Cassandra. Also, what part of us being friends this long makes you think I can understand or wish to understand how one can invade another’s mind and forcibly make them do as they wish?” Lawrence asked with a raised brow. “You know I get the night terrors from this kinda talk, I mean what if you decide to mess with me?” He said as he crossed his arms again. “ Anyways, I will make sure you are not disturbed again; now excuse me for I have business to attend to.” Lawrence tilted his head in the semblance of a bow before seeing himself out.

“Lynette, see to some guards and have fresh food brought it once an hour, otherwise they are not to be disturbed.” He knew his old caretaker would be waiting outside for him and he was correct.

“It’ll be done serah, anything else?” The older maid asked as Lawrence began walking.

“Yes, have food and drink brought to the war room and tell General Gesalt he can make his reports now.” Lynette bowed before walking off down a separate corridor. Lawrence made his way through the hallways heading for his room of war, the place he took all his talks of army matters in.

It was below ground floor, one way in and one way out, more importantly though it was private with little chance of someone being able to spy on him and his guests. As he made his way through the corridors towards the War room Lawrence noticed the lack of maids, odd.

It was probably Lynette’s doing, keeping any of the maids away from his lecherous reach of course. Its not like he tried to do anything with them, but it seems despite his best effort he never slept alone. So sad really.

Lawrence put down his smile as he opened a tiny door in the wall, barely noticeable really and closed it behind him. It opened to a narrow passageway; he hated tight spaces, and let out into a fairly large chamber furnished with one large round table in the middle with four chairs. The chairs were each labeled with a large letter on the back. One had an S, another W, E and N. All were placed in the proper place to act as a compass. Another oddity was the large oaken door at the back of the room, he had never been able to open it, not even taking an axe to the door did anything. it was most definantly an Flange of some sort, no wood healed itself after an Axe got stuck in it.

The king walked up to the table and looked at the papers on it, shifting them as he quickly scanned them, his brow furrowing. “This doesn’t bode well.” Lawrence frowned. The papers spoke of civil unrest around the borders, not their sides but the other from both the border with Fal’cile and Gavin. Seems some of their border towns have been growing much larger of late, really late. One small town in Fal’cile was nearly triple in size from what it used to be, nearly a thousand people. The total population of Gavin’s border towns all together nearly numbered ten thousand.

Something was definantly off. “Xavier, thoughts?”

04-23-2012, 04:11 PM
Emerging from the shadows, Exavier looked up at his King and long time friend, and after a slight bow of acknolegement said "It gets even worse my king, our enemies have all but abandoned the borders between eachother, and theres a report about large transport ships in both capitals, it seems they are going to invade from the rivers as well." As Xavier said this, he took a better look at his king, he noticed that he was wearing his heavy armor now, rather than his ridiculous court apparell, which Xavier hated not because it not only looked hideous in his eyes, but was impossible to even hide a small knife in, which Xavier thoght was a basic nessesity every article of clothing should have. He also knew that he had just spent most of the day in court, or has he perfered to jokingly called it "Hall of spineless idiots". He knew that they had done nothing but asked for money, so they could milk the crown for all the could before a war started. There were days Xavier wanted to just kill the lot of the nobels, or at least most of them, in one night. He had done it before. Unknown to the public, being a part of the kings royal body gaurd also meant veing in the Claws, the kings personal group of assasins. Xavier being a 5'8.5 man with obsidian hair and dark,oak colored eyes was, despite his appearance, their undisputed leader because of his prowess at stealth,deseption, and of course was the best at makeing the crowns enemies' live's shorter. "By the way, is it really wise to let the trader Malcome leave here with an unslit throat?"

Polly Leigh
04-23-2012, 05:07 PM
Cassandra heard the woman reply in her mind as she called for Lawrence and quickly cut her off from her mind. “It would seem that we are still connected together Lilith or should I call you Lil?”

Barely being able to move to ingest the food that was steaming next to her, but the water she had no problem grabbing and it tasted heavenly.

After a few moment of rest Cassandra turned toward Lil and managed a small smile. “You want to know why you are here. I am trying to find out the same thing. Who ever locked your mind didn’t want any of what you hiding to be discovered. Lucky for you Malcolm brought you to me.” Or unlucky for me. She added to herself.

“There is much more to do so eat up and we will begin again after I rest for a moment.” After a moment Cassandra asked “How much do you remember so far. I saw bits and pieces but didn’t have the time to digest what I was seeing.”

04-23-2012, 07:18 PM
Lilith turned back to the woman before setting herself back down in the chair. She didn't like the thought of this woman searching through her minds and seeing her past. Perhaps after all this was over she could have Rhuen or one of the others take care of her. Feeling those sticky hands weave through her brain was seriously pissing her off, even though she knew that the woman was just being 'helpful'.
But who had been the one to lock her like this? She couldn't remember it and it was just making how she felt worse.
There really wasn't much else to do but sit down again as she gazed around the room for a moment. She wanted to reach over and grab something to eat and drink but after everything that she had been through in her life...Well, the Queen of Theives wasn't very welcome in most places.
"Don't call me Lil," She growled softly, giving the child across from her a look. "And just who are you?"

Lakross Saber
04-23-2012, 08:04 PM
“Don’t worry about Malcolm, Xavier, if there is one thing I have learned its to read people, he’ll be fine as long as he thinks he can get something from us.” Lawrence said with confidence, still staring at the reports as Xavier continued.

“Its sad really, I rather liked this peace.” Lawrence looked up at his friend and gave a sad smile. “It was refreshing not be in a war, but as my father once said, ‘Peace is just the time to prepare for the next blow.”

Lawrence’s eyes took a hard edge to them. “And prepare we have.”

At that time the door opened to reveal another man’s entrance. He was tall, taller the Lawrence and of a much heavier body set and in full war attire, heavy steel plates and long sword at his side. He had dark skin with matching eyes and hair, but wore a brilliant smile that shone even in the low light. “High General Gesalt Albertan, reporting for duty serah.” The man slammed a fist over his heart and bowed, Lawrence turning around and slouching against the table. He wasn’t smiling anymore, this was business.

“At ease Gesalt, make a full report.”

The tall man stood back up and visibly relaxed, his eyes taking in the one behind him, he recognized the instant assessment, determining odds of his chance at beating Xavier. The man was no fool, but Xavier did give off a less then threatening aura, compared to the rest of the men here anyway.

“Forces are at an all time high, with the lack of constant battle our recruiters have been taking in with losing and most are willing to join an army that isn’t at war just for the pay to do nothing but train.” Gesalt rubbed his hairless chin as he continued. “We have nearly a hammer of heavy Calvary, five fists of light. Infantry amounts to a whopping ten hammers and archers are a hammer strong with heavy ships waiting to taste our rivers.”

Lawrence nodded with approval. A hammer was equal to ten fists and a fist was equal to a thousand troops. Ten thousand heavies, five thousand lights, one hundred thousand worth of infantry and ten thousand archers to boot. Infantry contained pike man and all the assorted grounds troops so honestly he had an army that could match just about anything. Least he thought he did, if both Gavin and Fal’cile were going to strike then he might have a problem.

Gesalt smiled a dangerous smile. “Any one tries to strike at us and they’ll get a nasty surprise.”

Lawrence wasn’t to sure. “Xavier,” he turned back to the man. “Have you set up the ‘insurgents’?”

A stroke of genius on his part, during the time of peace he had ordered that slowly but surely some of his more stealthier troops infiltrate the other countries and should another war occur that they were to start rebellions were ever they were. They knew that it was very possible they would not survive it, after all they would quickly be put down but they weren’t meant to succeed. They were meant to give him an opportunity and if that meant he had to sacrifice them, so be it.

Polly Leigh
04-23-2012, 08:47 PM
Cassandra shared a weak smile, “Where are my manners, I am Cassandra De Seysse High Advisor to his Majesty King Lawrence McClain, the key to unlocking your mind so the hostility is really not necessary and frankly I am in no mood for it.” Eating a bit more Cassandra eyed her companion with caution. She was a dangerous woman no doubt about it, some of the things that passed before her while unlocking her memories. She would definitely not under estimate her and yet there are a few things she would like to learn a little more about.

Keeping Lilith out of her mind took some effort due to the depth Cassandra was in but she had to let Lawrence know, “She is dangerous.” Was all she threw at him and then shut off the connection.

“Do you want to finish this or should we just call it a night?” Cassandra was tired but of course she would not allow the woman to leave she didn’t want to make the woman cooperate it made it easier to un weave her mind but either way Cassandra was going to get the answers.

04-23-2012, 10:37 PM
"There was one slight problem of betrayel, apparently one of our Gavin captains had fallen in love with one of the local nobel's daughters in Gavin's southeaster region. We do not know everything that his cowardly mouth spilled but he has been silensed." Xavier of course did not mention any details of his "jobs" He always found it unprofessional and arogant, but mostly if he told how he snuck into one of the most impregnable castels in the region and decapitated a man while sleeping next to his now widowed wife and escaping without so much as a servant even noticing him, it might make the general scared of him. This, Xavier learned from experience, was not a good characteristic in an assassin or a bodygaurd. One of his personal rules was to let the enemy always underestimate you, right up to the point to where he finds your blade in his neck. "Other than that..." Xavier confessed "There has been no news on any of our other units. Not one message in at least 2 months, most almost twice as long as that." This greatly disturbed Xavier, even though he knew that everything could be going fine, he would take bad news over no news any day. "I have sent Nicolias and Jennifer to look into the matter however." In the Claws, there are five Tallons. Each Tallon is consider a master assassin and has the rank of major in times of war, with the Sword Tallon (Xavier) being their general. Jennifet Dorez and Nicolias Tamils were the 4th and 2nd best Tallons, and jobs that required more than one Tallon usualy meant that the king was in need of rescue or that a king or general would soon be dead. "Where is our favorite witch by the way?" Xavier inquired.

Lakross Saber
04-24-2012, 03:53 PM
Lawrence frowned at the bad news. “Tis a shame, but we can live without them.” The king scratched at his beard.

“Gesalt, I want an increase in troops ready to move against the borders, get the ships in water and tell them to be alert for anything strange.” Lawrence narrowed his eyes as he went back to the reports.

"Xavier, how quickly can you get to the Gavin Border? From the look of the reports Gavin had amassed the larger numbers, they will likely strike first, hit us and try to draw us into a full conflict with them just so we’ll leave Fal’ciles border less prepared so then Fal’cile can come and hit our other side.”

Gesalt frowned. “The Hammer and Anvil.”

Lawrence nodded; it had been his father’s favorite tactic.

04-24-2012, 09:38 PM
"I personally could make it there in 4 hours,but if you want me to bring in our remaining Claws we would get there a little after nightfall." Xavier replied. "What did you have in mind?" Xavier could not remember the last time he took the battlefield, but he could not forget the the sights and sounds that go along with battle. Such things he did not want to dwell on, but if it was nessesary he and his commrades would do their duty and march to hell itself if ordered to.

04-25-2012, 10:41 AM
Lilith gave a snort. The child had guts, that was for sure, but that didn’t mean that shehad to like her. Hostility not necessary? Whatever this womanhad been doing up until now wasn’t going to help her anywhere. Hostility wasthe new frontier in this simple, little world, and Lilith had been in it longenough to gain control over must of it; the underground sector, anyway. Thislittle girl was either very foolish or she hadn’t seen anything yet.

“Call it a night?” Lilith raised a brow. “You never leavesomething half-done or else you’ll never find yourself returning to take careof it. But, then again, perhaps the poor child is too tired to finish what shestarted.” She smirked.

Lakross Saber
04-25-2012, 05:34 PM
“Yeah, that would be best if you brought some others with you, this is gonna be a hard one, and if you are to best Gavin you’ll need as much help as you can get.” Lawrence stated as he let out a silent sigh. Then he picked up Cassandra’s voice in his mind and raised a brow.

“As for you question to our witch, follow and you’ll find out.”

Lawrence began walking and motioned for Gesalt to follow him as well. “What I’ll need you to do Xavier, is inform a friend Gesalt everything eh will need to know, provide him information on Gavin’s tactics, their troops.” Lawrence frowned. “The automatons.”

Gesalt raised a brow. “Serah, I know about the automatons.”

Lawrence looked over his shoulder. “Really? You’ve fought against them, the skulls, the brutes, the pregnants?”

Gesalt frowned. “Pregnants?”

Lawrence smiled wickedly. “Yes, the large ones that once they cease function give birth to spider like robots that spray acid. They only get used in defense of the homeland so we haven’t had to fight one in quite a few years. Matter of fact not since my father was reigning.”

Gesalt narrowed his eyes.

“Let’s not mention the other ones we haven’t even seen before. Gavin always has a new trick up its sleeve.” Lawrence let his distaste show as he led, quickly passing through the castle hallways. “Gesalt, you’ll be in charge of the defense of our border with Gavin.”

Gesalt nodded then asked. “What of the border with Fal’cile?”

Lawrence smiled a bit. “I’ll be leading that one personally.”

Gesalt’s eyes opened wider, their lord was taking the field. “They won’t stand a chance, serah.”

“No,” Lawrence said with a grim humor. “They won’t.”

Lawrence stopped in front of a door and looked back at the two. “Gesalt, that will be all, prepare to move out to the east with half the ground force, and the heavy cavalry.”

“Won’t you need some heavies?” Gesalt asked.

Lawrence shook his head. “No, heavies won’t do good against magic, much better against Gavin.”

Then he opened the door and walked in. "How is our guest?" He asked Cassandra.

Polly Leigh
04-25-2012, 07:06 PM
So the “Queen of Thieves” thought of her as a child, with a deep sigh Cassandra leaned forward and smiled sweetly at the woman across from her. “Leaving this,” she gestured with a wave of her hand, “will not affect me what’s so ever. I do this only because I felt pitty for you but if all I will get in return is your snide remarks then you can find your own way to unlock that which was stolen from you. I have more important things to do that be insulted by the likes of a thief.”

At that moment the door opened and in walked Lawrence with his body guard and she immediately felt safe. “It would appear that the Queen of Thieves …” she gave small laugh with out humor to answer his question, “is unappreciative of my help.”

Cassandra knew that Lawrence would see the exhaustion and the toll unlocking the strangers mind had taken on her. “When you can learn not to bite the hand that helps you, you may ask for my help and I will think about restoring your memoires to you. All of them including the ones about Rhuen or I could just simply make you forget him altogether.”

Lakross Saber
04-25-2012, 09:14 PM
Lawrence stood still as he watched the scene unfold before him and blinked as Cassandra made her opinion known. He could see the exhaustion on her face, and sighed. “Cassandra, you mean to tell me that this…” He motioned to the woman. “Woman, is a queen of thieves?”

He looked at the woman and clicked his tongue. “And she insulted a sorceress that was just inside her mind, putting things back together…” Lawrence raised a brow and let out a ‘hmp’.

“Pity, I’d figure that someone like that would be smarter then this, oh well.” Lawrence smiled a humorless smile. “Guess you can’t get the smart ones all the times. Anyways Cassandra, get dressed for war.” Lawrence lost his smile. “We ride as soon as the force is ready to move. You have about three hours.”

Polly Leigh
04-26-2012, 07:24 PM
Cassandra blinked, “War? she whispered, standing she felt herself wobble slightly before catching herself. The air was too thick, she moved away attempting to clear her mind of Lilith’s thoughts and memories.

“With whom are we going to war with M’Lord?” With ease she hadn’t expected Cassandra turned in the Kings High Advisor, Lilith forgotten but not out of mind.

She did however plan to keep the woman close; as soon as the moment presented its self she would finish unwrapping the woman’s mind for her. She would never have really left her like that but it would be nice if the beastly woman show a little gratitude.

04-26-2012, 10:08 PM
As Lawrence shut the door, Xavier turned to Gesault and said "if my lord will excuse me, I will begin preperations to leave immediatly." Gesalt grunted in acknowledgement, his eyes foucused on the battle board. The two men had had a......colorful beggining to their relationship, but over time they learned to understand the other, to a point, and respect eachother for it. Xavier was actually glad to have Gasalt with him on this assinement, it would make his job a lot easier with a general of his caliber controlling the main troops. Xavier,after he left the room, said to seemingly no one in paticular "You really should change your perfume." Out of the shadowes appeared a blond,tall, and well-built man in his mid-twenties. Lance Strider was the third Tallon of the Claws,and probably the quickest assasin in the land. Xavier knew he could be the perfect killer if he spent more time on the training ground and less time trying(and admitingly, mostly succeeding) to get into wenches beds. "So, what are my orders?" Lance inquired with a grin. "I dont know, are you sober enough to remember them?" Xavier replied. Lance let out his ussual, belowing laugh. "I could have sworn your sense of humor had died! But seriously, what do yo want me to do?". Xavier pondered for a minute, and said "You will follow the king with groups 4,1, and 6 to protect him and aid him in anyway, I will take our other 6 groups to defend against a probable Gavin invasion. We will probably be at war by the end of the week." Lance's jolly mood vanished almost instantly. This would be his first Battlefield command, which was comsiderably different than an operational one, which in most cases are far easier. Both he and Xavier knew that they had a much greater number of rookies sense they were last at war,and one is never sure if the veterans they have are rested or rusty after such a relatively long peace. 10 minutes of silense passed between them, and they were almost to Xaviers apartment when Lance grimly said "Something does not feel right about this one, do you really think we will win?" Xavier smiled and said "Of course we will, we have to dont we?"

04-29-2012, 12:28 PM
Lilith restrained herselffrom making a comment to both the child and the boy. She had never been good withkids, whether or not they looked like they were in their 20s. Normally shewould gladly make a remark to both of them and if she was threatened to be putin jail then she wouldn’t have any problems with getting free but the situationwas different this time. Whether or not she liked it she was going to have togrind her teeth and bear through…whatever this was.
She knew rightaway though that this king was going to annoy her to death.
~War?~ Sheasked herself. ~What War was-~ A sharp pain traveled through her mind at that moment, making her grip the side of it.
"Just...where do you think that you're going to take me?" She growled.

Lakross Saber
04-30-2012, 06:37 PM
Lawrence eyed the strange woman before turning back to Cassandra and nodded. “We go to war with both Gavin and Fal’cile, seems as though they have decide it be time to rid one of the kingdoms from their sides and we just got unlucky to be odd man out.”

Lawrence took a guarded stance, his eyes growing hard and cold again. “We rid out to border with Fal’cile, pack essentials and food only. This is my field of battle, no courtroom antics, So Cassandra go and rest as much as you can but remember, three hours till we ride.”

Lawrence returned his sight to the other woman and called to the guards waiting outside. “Come and show this….thief her new quarters men, and make sure you hog tie her backwards, don’t want her getting loose before our inquisitor can have a chat with her.” Lawrence paused for thought. “Plus you can gag her, I know her type, mouthy with fangs for everyone but her bed warmer.”

Polly Leigh
04-30-2012, 07:03 PM
No Lawrence …. Cassandra called out to him. This woman has knowledge that only I can retrieve. You must give me the time to so, I’ll not have those butchers touching her. I implore you my king, my friend allow her to come with me. She will not wander far from me, I promise this.

Knowing Lawrence as well as she did Cassandra still wasn’t sure what he would do but she needed Lilith to corporate for no better reason than to make it easy on herself. But it was something more than that, almost like she needed to finish reading a book or hearing a good story. She wanted to know the Wizard that did this, there were not many in the world left that could.

Lawrence hadn’t given her much information about anything for her to go off of and she knew now was not the time to ask the necessary questions. But really both Gavin and Fal’cile attacking at the same time? Guess it was only a matter of time before someone got greedy.

Lakross Saber
05-01-2012, 07:02 PM
Lawrence turned the raptor gaze on his Advisor and stared into her eyes for a moment before twisting his mouth and relaxed his face. “Do as you wish, just make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble. I will be taking my leave now.” He whipped around and made his exit, and turned down the corridor. He paused as he passed a servant with a basket of wash in his arms and hailed him.

The man, not expecting to be noticed by the king jumped and dropped the basket. “S-sorry sir I will cle-”

Lawrence interrupted him. “I could care less about the wash; you run down to Leondra’s room and tell her to meet me in my chambers with her cohorts. Now.” The man nodded and took off like a bolt.

As he made his way to his room he noticed all the maids and servants he passed avoiding him, he needed to control hi glare sometimes.

He pushed open one of the heavy doors to his chamber and stopped after a few steps, his eyebrows raised. There were two women on his bed, both with more curves than the hills outside of his castle and with as much clothes as they had on the day they were born. One was golden blond with crystal blue eyes and a dimpled smile. June.

The other possessed mocha skin with short, curly hair and starling green eyes and a smile that said more then words could ever get across. Katarina.

He heard the heavy door slick shut and half turned back to see a woman nearly as tall as him with burning red hair that rippled down her shoulders and covered her impressive bosom. She wore a nearly see through dress of white silk and had her hands clasped before her. Leondra was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. More importantly that face hid a passion that Lawrence saw through her eyes and it always made him have to fight down a smile.

The red head walked forward as she spoke, her low voice echoing in the chamber. “The moment I heard about your trip, I just knew you would want to see us.”

She stopped before him and shrugged her shoulders, the white silk falling to the floor.

Men just had their priorities, you know?

Polly Leigh
05-01-2012, 07:28 PM
“Well Lilith it would seem you and I will be spending a lot more time together.” Cassandra almost smiled, the woman was definitely interesting but it was more of the challenge of unlocking what was taken. She would restore what was stolen and find out who this Wizard was. “Believe me my rooms are so much nicer than ones below, you can get a hot bath and some clean clothes and rest. I will need to sleep a bit but you are more than welcomed to use my bath, you will find it be very luxurious and very private.” With almost a sigh Cassandra added, “don’t make this hard Lilith, I am only trying to help.”

05-03-2012, 10:10 PM
Xavier and Lance then went thier seperate ways, each not knowing when or where they would see eachother again. As Xavier entered his apartment, he also wondered if this place would change. It was small,three room apartment with a bedroom, den, and a study. The apartment itself was spartan in nature. With the exception of his knife collection on his den walls and the library in his study, Xavier had no material possesions that could be considered decorative or even comfortable. He always remembered his grandmother saying "soft beds for soft people!" this is not to say the place was a dump. He paid his maid well enough so that her consiense would not allow her to leave the place anything but spotless Directly in the middle of the knives were two powerful falangees. The first, a "short" sword made with an obsidion-steel alloy with a nasty surprise for all who face it. The second were a pair of seemingly simple socks,but would mute all noise within 3 feet of the wearer.(including the wearrer themselves). Xavier then picked out his favorite dark mail/scale armor and left, not knowing that it would ne years before he returned

Lakross Saber
05-07-2012, 06:52 PM
~Two hours later~

Lawrence watched the men running around below him in the parade grounds. To a civilian it would look like pure chaos but to him he saw order, each man running to perform his task as efficiently and quickly as possible. His scowl deepened as he keyed in on one man, the word used loosely. He barely looked old enough to shave the scruff on his chin.

The king noted the soft footsteps and turned his head a bit to look over his shoulder, Leondra wrapped in a silk robe walked up and rested her chin on his shoulder, her hands wrapping around his bare midriff.

“How are you doing?”

Lawrence smiled at the question, it was humorless though. “I am about to lead an entire kingdom into a full-out war with their brethren. I’m doing pretty good considering that as I am sure you can testify to.”

He heard the low rumble of a laugh coming from the red head and sighed. “Honestly I’m scared, it has always been the three against the three and now that two are against one…I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Lawrence took a deep breath as he continued to watch the men on the grounds rush about.

“You think we’ll lose?” Leondra asked.

“Perhaps…” Lawrence started, “Unless I can blunt Fal’cile’s movements at our borders and prevent the use of their mages early this war will become truly tough. Knowing Gavin though I doubt it will be that easy to stop Fal’cile.” Lawrence shook his head.

“Leondra, please tell the guard outside to have my armor brought up, along with ‘that’.”

Leondra blinked then nodded and walked away.

Lawrence looked back at the sleeping figures in his bed and smiled to himself as a leg twitched.

War was upon them, even if Al’beret fell he would scar the other two countries with the lance he had built from his people. His army would shatter them both if he had any say in it.

05-08-2012, 07:27 PM
That ‘King’ didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. 20 goldsaid that if he wasn’t a King then he wouldn’t act the way he did. Oh no. He’dprobably be a little ***** working for her for the rest of his life. Thatbrought a smile to Lilith’s face as she slipped into the warm water of the tub.She had followed the little child upstairs, going to the dungeons would havecaused problems for this kingdom when her people had learned of it and rightnow she didn’t have time to deal with destroying another kingdom that shecontrolled; whether or not it was from behind the lines or not. In the endeverything revolved around money and she had the most of it. Even more than aking.

She didn’t have the time to deal with the kingdom because shewanted to know what was going on. Why had her memories been locked away? Thesame questions repeated in her mind as she settled in the warm water. It felttruly, very nice after being marched across the land like she had. Very, verynice.

Polly Leigh
05-11-2012, 06:27 PM
Cassandra knew the Thief would follow as did two guards, not that she was at all concerned about Lilith. Whether she wanted to admit it or not Lilith needed her. It would be foolish of her to make a move against Cassandra right now.

As Lilith was enjoying a hot bath Cassandra instructed her girls to provide their guest all that she required. Instructing for clothing to be laid out choosing two separate styles, the first a black less dress of black that lay in layers of lace and silk with long sleeves that hug the arms, Cassandra doubted that Lilith would choose this outfit, she didn’t seem to the head dress type. The second a pair of white gauzy pants thick but strong for riding matched with a following hooded scarf top crossing around her neck with long puffy sleeves that cuffed at the hands. Cassandra would be wearing one similar in a dark brown that pretty closely matched her horse. The main difference in their attire was woven chain metal by the black smith according to Lawrence’s instruction sat under Cassandra clothing.

After eating a bit more Cassandra crawled into her bed and closed the heavy drapes and closed the world off and fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Her girls will wake her 45 minutes before, enough time to ready herself for a battle she didn’t understand. Yet.

Stifling a yawn as her hair was being braided Cassandra kept eating, she needed all the energy she would get. Cassandra smiled looking at herself in the large oval mirror and was pleased with her look, it was fashionable and surprisingly light weight yet still very strong, then she armed herself with three daggers, which was about the only weapon she could use with any accuracy.

Cassandra took the opportunity to eat a little more bread, cheese and meat with a tall glass of milk; she sat lost in her own thoughts awaiting the call from Lawrence.

Lakross Saber
05-15-2012, 10:57 PM
The armor was heavy on him, the shine of its silver exterior giving testament to how well it was maintained it was as its straps were tightened to his body. The actual steel of the armor was made light, magic involved in its making and he wasn’t surprised how well it fitted him. It had fit all the past kings of Al’beret just as well, even his father who had been of much broader body then himself.
No the weight was the duty that came with the armor.

But that was the way of Rhycs induced objects, Flanges, their existence were unique and their purposes as plentiful as there were people in the land. They had a way of making one think about why they had one, what they were using it for. It was a beautiful piece of steel, all segmented over his muscles, creases forming in the steel where creases were in his body. It was like a skin suit, coating him like a second skin. He looked at his shoulder as he rolled it, seeing the metal bulge as his muscle did. Shining silver in color the armor had earned its name, ‘Living Silver’ it was called and it was more comfortable then the clothes he wore in court, even with the helmet on.

Lawrence looked at his arm, the joint and bent his arm at the elbow, seeing the armor shift and stretch to accommodate the movement and smiled grimly to himself. It was stronger then even the toughest of plate mails, as light as leather and as flexible as he was it was perhaps the best armor ever forged, a gift to his ancestor from the great wizard king himself.

Lawrence sighed quietly as he strapped on his baldric and sheathed blade. The blade was of simple design but was a blade made by his master forger using his forging flange. The Flange could make blades and armor of such strength that his blade could cut through another’s like a hot knife through butter, and chainmail that was lighter then anything before yet as strong as plate.

His was indeed a country for war and he despised the need, yet loved the deed. He was not the greatest king, but he would be damned if he was the worst.

“Gesalt, get your troops moving, I don’t even want to see your dust cloud by next hour.”

Gesalt, standing quietly at attention was incased in his own armor, heavy platemail with the symbol of his house pressed into the breastplate, A swooping falcon with a holding a scepter in its talons. The warrior saluted smartly and smiled. “Of course Serah, not a single speck.” And the man was gone with a swish of cloak.

Lawrence picked up the helm and took a long look at it. It was a fully faced helm, with a long, squashed V-shaped segment missing where his eyes would peer from. The helmet looked completely uncomfortable but it wasn’t. The metal would breath with him, more importantly was the fact it would stop a bolt or arrow from twenty paces away as if it were a rock hitting a shield.

Lawrence, with helmet against his hip and travelor’s cloak billowing out behind him was a sight to see striding through the halls. Where he was usually met with stares of amazement and quick signs of bowing, now he was met with open mouths of wonder and blank, saucer eyed gazes of awe. Silver skin was a proper name.

He bothered not with knocking on Cassandra’s door, instead just walking in to see his advisor eating. “What ridiculous outfit is it this ti-” Lawrence paused and frowned, she was wherein what seemed to be travelers clothes, but they were definitely not of common make. He would admit that Cassandra was a beautiful woman, the clothes accenting her features more but they did not suit her like the courts drab and over poshed fashions did. Still the point remained.

“I thought I told Heindriech to make you armor, not a fashion statement.”

Polly Leigh
05-23-2012, 03:17 PM
“And so he did.” Cassandra was not surprised by Lawrence’s entrance; he has done it since they were quite young. “Along with a few suggestions, I have one in pale yellow as well. I really am impressed with his work. It is light and flexible, I do like it.”

Cassandra asked, “Lawrence there has been a certain … peace … why brake it now? I don’t understand the timing.” Moving to the vanity Cassandra looked at Lawrence in the mirror, “Something is scratching in a memory and it feels off, my sleep slipped me whispers of thoughts ... something is not right.” She turned to face him. “ But I am ready.”

05-30-2012, 12:12 PM
There was no way in hell that Lillith was going to wear that. The Queen of Theives had just removed herself from the (very refreshing) bath to find the two sets of clothes waiting on her as well as a plate of food. She had instantly gonne after the food, taking in the room around her before her eyes landed on the clothes on the bed. Don't get her wrong, the black silk was very nice but it just wasn't suited for her. Her eyes were, instead, caught by the outfit beside it. Wasn't what she normally wore either but she would be reunited with her own things soon enough. The moment all this memory foolishness was over then you would be right back to her home and her normal routine.
Not wanting to sleep, Lillith began to think about what to do. She could hear voices in the other room beside her. Was it those two again? Moving to the door she pushed it open to see that it was the two from before. Crossing her arms (trying not to yank on the sleeves of this white outfit and it's scarf) she looked between the two of them.
"Ready? For what?"

Lakross Saber
06-10-2012, 07:54 PM
Lawrence frowned at his advisor's words but nodded in understanding. “Simple Cassandra,” He started, “It’s because they were waiting for something to be gotten, or perhaps for them to make something and whatever it is I loathe to find out.”
Lawrence wiped the frown from his face, replaced by a cold mask usually reserved for battle or court, his tone dropping the temapture of the room by a degree. “But Fal’cile And Gavin shall remember this day as a mistake.”
His eyes were like ice as he looked through Cassandra, thoughts on the two countries. The day they struck against Al’beret shall be a day of woe upon their children as they mourn their lose of family and friends to this battle.” Lawrence closed his eyes and took a breath.
“I-” He was interrupted by the woman coming from the other room and frowned at her. Most men would cast their eyes other ways when he looked at them like that. It usually just made a woman’s back stiffen and made them a bit haughty.
“I see our Queen of thieves is up and about.” He looked the clothes up and down then curled his lip in distaste. “And what is she wearing?”
Lawrence shook his head slowly as he remembered a saying he heard a noble say. ‘Even if a pig wears royal attire, it is still a pig.’ “Don’t get to nosy about things of no concern to you or you may find a hangman’s noose around that pretty little neck of yours faster then you can pick my pocket.”
He couldn’t abide thieves in the least, most of the queen of them.
“We go now Cassandra, bring your pet project or don’t, but keep her on a tight reign. I would hate to wake up and find her missing.”