View Full Version : (online, skype) Marvel Heroic Role Playing, Friday 03-09-12, 8pm EST

03-26-2012, 02:39 PM
So if you saw the other threads we were trying to pull everyone together for a game of Marvel Heroic.

Well, here it is.


Come by, register, and pick a character (or make your own).

This game will be Bi-Weekly on Friday Evenings at 8pm Eastern. Sessions will typically last 3-4 hours
The registration and organization will be on Infrno, but we will actually be using Skype and MapTools as our Virtual Table Top (available for Windows and Mac for free). I wrote a Frame Work for Marvel that makes the die rolling much more manageable online. Direct connection to the server, and Skype ID's, will be sent out once you are registered.

You can pick the game up super cheap on Drive Through RPG, but I will also send out the Datafiles of sample characters before the game. You can of course create your own hero, but will need a full version of the book for that.

See you soon True Believers.