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03-17-2012, 07:25 PM
I will be running a one-shot StarCraft game at GameStorm (http://gamestorm.org/index.php) at 9am, Saturday, March 24th, in room Pine 06 - Session Page (http://schedule.gamestorm.org/sessions/887).

It's been five years since you were part of the Great War with the Zerg. You're living in a quiet backwater colony now. Wait, did we say quiet? It was, until the Zerg returned!

Using the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG system, you choose your character from one of six archetypes: Marine, Medic, Sarge, Engineer, Pilot, and Ghost.

Your mission (Wait, you’re all retired. Mission?) is to protect New Atlanta from the encroaching Zerg. Evidently, the closest military might is not responding to any waves, and the skies are empty (except for those horrific flying tentacle sacs).

What. Do. You. Do?