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http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Journey-mockup2e-231x300.png (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/350683997/journeys-to-the-west-a-pathfinder-rpg-voyage)Continuing with our preview materials, the patrons of Journeys to the West have finished generating items and spells, and now we’re heading full sail toward playtesting—presuming the winds of creativity and the authors’ muses are generous! In the meantime, patrons are looking over material, plus they’re looking for mechanical or grammatical concerns (and hoping to pick up a bit of bling while they’re at it).

Speaking of bling, here’s a fine piece of headgear for performers and duelists. Take a look at two more items that might keep the ship busy and headed on a course away from Barsella for now! Here’s hoping you find a fun use for it in your campaign!

—Ben McFarland

Swashing Plumage

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot head; Price 12,560 gp; Weight —


The swashing plumage, a colorful bouquet of tropical hat feathers, can be affixed to a hat band with a small pin at its base.

Due to its ostentatious appearance, the swashing plumage can distract enemies, thus granting a +5 bonus to Acrobatics checks to avoid attacks of opportunity and Bluff checks to perform a Feint maneuver.

Additionally, once per day, the wearer may tip the affixed hat, granting the wearer the ability to perform a Feint maneuver as an immediate action.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, haste; Cost 6,280 gp

Figureheads of Prowess

Aura varies; CL varies
Slot —; Price 22,500 gp (albatross), 240,000 gp (dragon turtle), 194,000 gp (kraken), 183,000 gp (manta ray), 45,000 gp (merfolk), 36,000 gp (narwhal), 99,800 gp (water orm); Weight varies


Crafted primarily in Barsella, figureheads grant benefits to vessel and crew. A damaged figurehead can be repaired; broken figureheads are ruined.

Albatross: Crew gain +5 (+10 in fog) bonus to Perception checks, Survival checks, and Profession (Sailor) checks to plot a course. Faint varied; CL 3; Craft Wondrous Item, acute senses, know direction.

Dragon Turtle: Ship gains +5 to hardness, and crew and passengers gain fire resistance 5. Moderate transmutation, faint abjuration; CL 9; Craft Wondrous Item, communal resist energy, mass reinforced armaments.

Kraken: 5 minutes per day, animate rope spell affects every rope on board; the minutes need not be consecutive, but must be used in 1 minute increments. Crew gain +5 CMB checks to grapple other ships. Moderate transmutation, faint enchantment; CL 10; Craft Wondrous Item, bless, mass animate rope, moment of greatness.

Mata Ray: Ship gains +30 ft. to top speed and +10 ft. to acceleration. Moderate transmutation; CL 9; Craft Wondrous Item, alter winds, mass glide.

Merfolk: Crew and passengers may use ride the waves spell for 15 minutes per day. Moderate transmutation; CL 9; Craft Wondrous Item, communal ride the waves.

Narwhal: Ship breaks through ice sheets, taking no damage. Crew and passengers suffer no penalties from nonmagical cold. Faint varied; CL 3; Craft Wondrous Item, communal endure elements, shatter.

Water Orm: On command, ship may become invisible 1 hour per day, making no sound or wake; this effect ends if the ship or anyone aboard attack. Strong illusion; CL 13; Craft Wondrous Item, mass invisibility, mirage arcana, silence.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, additional spells, see text; Cost 11,250 gp (albatross), 120,000 gp (dragon turtle), 97,000 gp (kraken), 91,500 gp (manta ray), 22,500 gp (merfolk), 18,000 gp (narwhal), 49,900 gp (water orm)

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