View Full Version : New gamer looking for a group!

03-11-2012, 12:31 AM
I recently picked up the D&D 4E box set and I am looking to start playing. I did not see any groups that have been recently active in the area, so I am creating this thread. I live in Amelia, OH, so if you are from around the area... great! I am willing to travel approximately 20-30 miles for a game, so I am not confined to the immediate surrounding area. A small to medium group of about 3-4 players is ideal for me. I do not want a large group, as this will be my first time playing.

I am looking for a group to game with that is laid back and willing to help a new player learn. I have read through the player handbook, though it is very confusing! I will probably need a bit of help setting up a character and going through the game, though I think I will enjoy it greatly!

Now, a bit about me. My name is Mike and I am probably one of the youngest gamers on the site. I am 15 years old right now and I will be 16 in April. Please do not let this throw you off about me! I am very mature and just looking to have a good time. I have always related very well with people older than myself, sometimes even better than I relate with people my age! Things such as swearing, etc. do not bother me whatsoever, so please don't feel like you would have to act differently around me! I go to school online at VCS Ohio, so my schedule is very flexible. I am an extremely casual person and love playing games of all sorts. Unlike most people of my generation, I can actually use my imagination! (Haha!)

I am not sure where the game would be located, so I am open to any suggestions. I am looking forward to getting a group together soon!