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03-06-2012, 09:25 PM

Type: Homebrew
Location: Tipton, Iowa (30ish minute drive from Davenport, Iowa City, or Cedar Rapids)
Date: One Sunday a month
Time: 10am to 4pm

The campaign has progressed to 7th level over 15 sessions. We have opted to remove an NPC and are interested in finding a new player to fill that spot. Please contact me for more information.

03-11-2012, 08:28 AM
Since no luck on responses yet, I will post the non-verbose, first session. The world of Thepa is a living breathing creation. Much has happened in the world since the first session. We are looking for 1-2 players.

First Session


Omaru helps the fishermen spot fish. Joe explains his predicament to Shen. Joe is let go and given 1 silver. Joe heads to the inn. Joe stands outside the bar and dances while asking for help in his language. Omaru sees Morituri entering the city with a mass of people and a bag of mithril. Omaru and Morituri pass Joe outside. Jessica is inside, tries to gain a sample of the ore. Shen takes the ore and leaves. Jessica is told by the second-in-charge Dremal that she can speak with the prospectors tomorrow. A large celebration is thrown. Dan does not drink. Omaru drinks milk. Jenseb enters the tavern and tells Morituri about the madman. Morituri begins to pack. Morituri and Jenseb plan to leave in the morning.

Around 8pm the party hears loud noises from outside the inn. The party goes to the west. Screams are heard from the lake and fires sprout up. Omaru drops over the side and scouts to find many giant, dragon-like creatures slaughtering everyone outside. Jenseb pulls fleeing people over the fence with his rope. Morituri goes north while the attackers' leader with electricity flowing over his skin speaks. He says the town has been warned once before and the city is allowed 30 minutes to leave or everyone remaining will die. The party decides to stay and fight.

After 30 minutes, the 500 attackers outside the city surround the north, west, and south sides. They stay out of arrow range. The attackers begin to teleport inside the city, and some of the attackers fly overhead breathing fire onto the buildings. The party immediately decides to leave through the city. The party ends up fighting three times: 2 duni askai, 2 askai, and 3 askai. The party jump out the southeast side of the town and leave via the road to Sansun. The party does not intend to stop running until morning.


Near morning the party happens upon a battle just ending, it is Shen's caravan. Four askai and a mkuu jiwe are encountered. The party engages. Shen joins in the fight from behind. The party wins the major battle. The party and Shen continue to the next city.

In the next village, Joe heals the refugees, Jenseb buys 10 toys for refugee children, and Jessica gains a sample of the ore. The party and Shen continue to Sansun the morning after.


At Sansun, Shen sets the party up with rooms and tells them that they are entitled to the four horses and wagon. Shen asks the group to head back north to search for survivors and warn Astu. Omaru describes the Bale situation and the possible location for a monastery to Latham, his superior. Omaru is granted 30g and 5 years of freedom. Jessica describes the Bale situation, turns over the mithril sample, is given 30g and 1 year of freedom. Joe buries some shit outside Sansun.


Kayle speaks with the group about the Bale fight then about Joe and the Bhuka. Kayle wants to speak with Joe's Sandmother. The party decides to go to the desert and not go north.


The party travels to Bentin and takes a boat to the desert.


As the party traverses the desert, the ground gives way and collapses upon 9 skeletons. Kayle is knocked out. The party survives the battle and Joe nearly dies, dodging 6 d20 rolls of needing a 12 roll. Jessica finds a masterpiece war hammer.


Kayle sets up communication with the Sandmother. Joe is given permission to explore the human lands. Joe has the ability to speak to the Sandmother through a crystal (standard action).


Kayle gives the party 25g each when they return. The party is currently in Bentin. Kayle asks the party to return to Sansun to speak with her in approximately one week.