View Full Version : Rotating campaign/DM schedule -- currently working through Forstor Nagar

02-28-2012, 02:09 AM
My group is looking for 1-2 GMs, players, and players who'd like to join a rotating GM schedule for our weekly/bi-weekly game. We play Pathfinder, though Legend (Rule of Cool), Dragon Age, and 5th Edition D&D are games we'd consider playing. We use Maptool to handle our combat, though someone with a nice battlemat+dry erase, or printed maps, or 3-D paper maps, or foamcore/purchased plaster or stone scenery/whatever is welcome as well. As long as we have something that looks nice and helps organize combat, we're happy.

Our games generally focus more on combat and dungeon-crawling, but someone who can run a game with a kickass storyline & an increased emphasis on roleplay is very welcome -- same goes for any players who'd like to add roleplay to our games. Lead by example!

We play Friday nights, mostly weekly, from 7 PM until whenever. We could possibly switch to Saturday or Sunday, though all players would have to agree. Location is ~2 miles north of Wrigley Field.