View Full Version : Boston, Starting a new Pathfinder or 3.5 game

02-17-2012, 06:30 AM
Looking for expierenced players and GM to form a Saturday pathfinder or 3.5 game. I can host at my place in West Roxbury, I have a decent set up and access to public transit, but that is not set in stone. Currently I run a Sunday game and had to drop out of another weekday game due to an overnight schedule. If any GMs out there have any other suggestions I am all ears.

What I hope to achieve is a group of fun expierenced gamers that are funny and get in game stuff done. I would like to avoid players that have long winded arguments about trivial things that can't drop it. Looking for a bunch of like minded mes (plural of me). Funny, sadistic, helpful, good natured, DO NOT CHEAT, well versed, enjoy in game misshap as much as in game success, and committed. I am 30 and enjoy a more adult themed game play, in this case meaning lack of anime giant swords and stuck up hair, getto-ness knights that don't refer to their crossbow as a gats, and Pokemon style summoned creatures. Also non-tracked game play, if the pcs go off the beaten path of the story the gm adapts and does not punish or allow options to avoid.

Please any comments, questions, or advice post freely.-Keith