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02-11-2012, 11:28 AM
Hi there,

I am looking to create a sci-fi PC game over the next year or so, and I am wanting to make one of the most expansive universes currently known to the sci-fi realm (incorporating over 1500 races), but I do not have the time (or creativity) to write them to the standard of the users of this forum. This is why I am pleading for help. For acknowledgement in the game's credits, I need people to create fan races that I can use to speed up the creation of the game.

The game itself will have approximately 500 systems with up to 20 planets per system. Not all of these need to be inhabited, but I would like to be able to use two or even three races with intertwined histories on some of the planets. I would also like each race (if possible) to have it's own style of technology, for example creation of a new propulsion system or a derivation of a current system.

To clarify, this will be a top down shooter, but will incorporate many features such as smart shields, smart weapons, multiple hardpoints, fog of war, correct scaling, ship upgrading, knowledge stats, hire/fire crew, buy planets, terraform planets, research ships, weapons etc. and lots more.

The basic idea I have for the story so far is that the player is an independent explorer, and due to some incident with another species in their home system, ends up as the last of their race vowing to take revenge. They have to build up an empire from almost nothing, and end up conquering systems and becoming the biggest power in the galaxy. But the bigger they get, the more opposition they face.

Now, I am looking to create my own universe, so I do not want to use any races from the current sci-fi series' that people know such as Star Trek or Star Wars etc. I need this to have completely original races and histories. There will also be one or two major races that will dominate most of the known universe, but I will try to work on those myself and post what I come up with here.

The sort of thing I need for each race is:

Race Info: Possible Format

Basic Necessities

This should be an easy one. Try not to steal names from videogames or movies though. All you really need to do here is be original.

What your race looks like. Are they fast and frail? Are they strong, big-boned, fat, weak, etc? Are they humanoid, amoebas, or Cthulhu-like entities, almost entirely beyond comprehension? You decide.

This can go under phsyiology, but it isn't really necessary unless your race has naturally different thought processes from what would be considered normal. Is your race agressive, kind, paranoid, etc? Do they declare war on everything in sight, silently stalk the stars, or naively trust in the good will of their neighbours?

Government/Social Structure
How do your people walk and talk? Are they communists, are they ruled by a cruel dictatorship, are they part of a representative democracy, or part of a republic? You could turn their government into your ideal, or just make something insane for kicks. Of course, their government should be somewhat representative of their psychology. A super-happy-fluffy-bunny race would probably not be ruled by a psychotic dictator. If you want, you may do so anyway, but people will probably just laugh at your race. And if you're making a race to get laughed at, you have issues.

How do your people fight? What is their technology based off of? This is entirely up to your imagination. Do they fly around on bio-engineered dragons? Do they enthrall the minds of other sentient races using machines? Do they fly mighty battle cruisers which cause the galaxy to tremble at their sight? Do they fly small, sleek, and light fighters? Just make sure their technology isn't a thousand times better then everyone elses, assuming you want to join one of the many RP universes.

Extras: What Can Make Your Race Good Instead of Normal

What was listed above is pretty much all you need to do, but you should do more, and probably need to if you want to fill the page and a half suggestion. Even if you fill the a page and a half with this basic info, people will still want more, and won't really consider your race a good one until you write more. This can be challenging, so here are several examples of things you might want to say about your race.

Who do your people worship? What do they worship? Do they worship anything at all? Are they crazed murderers who sacrifice their own kind to dark gods? Are they benevolent teachers who preach the value of all life?

How did your race grow into what it is? Did they fight a massive war, and were forced to pick up the pieces? Were they invaded by aliens at an early stage of development? If you're planning on joining an RP universe with them though, try not to release their entire history. For example, I still have this big conspiracy thing going on with my most recent races, but I wouldn't post it or it'd ruin the whole thing.

Daily Life
How do your citizens spend their time? Intense high astmosphere speeder bike racing? Performing plays? Long walks along the beach? War simulations? Try to think of your everyday citizen and how they would live. What sort of jobs do people do? How long do they work? Is there a lot of automation? What are crime rates like? Is unemployment a problem? Is there much of a problem with poverty and homelessness? How do people dress? Maybe tell us a bit about their language? Do they have a different numerical system? An interesting language?

Do your people invest heavily in the arts? Is it forbidden to create artwork? Have they invented some new form of artistic expression that magically makes an image appear out of the entrails of a sheep? Do they enjoy music?

What are your worlds like? Run down slums of sheet metal and rust? Pristine cities like Coruscant? Houses made out of trees? Are they desert worlds? Oceanic worlds? Volcanic worlds? Is there leisure space? Are there pretty parks or are there massive factories? Are their cities built of blocky towers or sleek spires? Is there public transit? Do people teleport everywhere? How concerned are they about the environment?

Facilities/Important Locations
This is always fun. Tell everyone about the secret fortress of doom that orbits your homeworld, or the mystical great library that your people built, or their breathtaking temple dedicated to their gods, or their pretty orbital graveyards.

Lastly, and this can be applied to any of the sections in this guide, try to make something unique about your race. Anything at all, as much or as little as you want to. Just something that will make your race memorable amongst the slew of others.

Other then that, let your imagination run wild! Add in whatever you feel is necessary or interesting about your race, and don't forget to post it! (Thanks to Vex Xiang Forums for the Fan race Guide)

And remember, I will need as much detail as possible from the people willing to write me some fan races.

Thank you in advance!