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Irda Ranger
02-07-2012, 10:36 AM
Not a very original name for the campaign, is it? I keep things basic. As the DM, it's not my job to "title" a campaign because it's not my job to "tell" you a story. I present the world, and you guys go on quests, kill things, and take their stuff. After everything is said and done we might retroactively refer to certain periods as "The Goblin Uprising", or whatever.

The listed rule set is Basic D&D, but that's not quite right. It will probably be a retroclone of Basic, or the Rules Cyclopedia, perhaps with some rules adapted from AD&D or written by yours truly. The "rules" are more like guidelines anyway.

I have every day of the week selected. That's because I'm just starting this thing and don't have any players yet, so any day is fine with me. Once some people join we will figure out what days work for us.

There will be dungeons crawled and dragons fought, but I did list this campaign as 50/50 fighting and role-play. That's not a lie. I expect characters at the table, not "builds". Also, a lot of the choices you face in the game will turn on ethics, morality, common sense, or the will to survive - not some rule you can look up. That's 50/50 in my book.

So if you've got a 10' pole handy, and the burning desire to put your (character's) life at risk for the chance at gold and glory, drop me a line. We will probably play at one of the pool-side tables in my apartment complex to avoid toddler-related dice swallowing. Bring a paper weight for your character sheet.

06-03-2016, 03:14 PM
I know this is in response to an old forum post, but on the off-chance it is read, then it is all for the good. I have moved very recently to the city from out-of-state and am seeking a group to join. My wife seeks to do her own thing on Saturdays, so that would be the best fit for me if possible.