View Full Version : (Fairfax County, VA) Ongoing 1E AD&D Greyhawk Campaign

01-25-2012, 08:09 AM
My current 1E group is in need of someone to take the place of a player who recently bowed out due to health issues.

Generally we meet one Saturday a month at a library conference room in Fairfax County, usually near the intersection of 66 and 495. Usually we meet from about noon until 5:00. (I am hoping to get a place of my own in the near future, and if that happens, I would definitely host there and possibly more often.)

The campaign is set in post-Wars Greyhawk. Most of the PCs are at 1st level. I use a combination of published and home-brewed adventures. I have some house rules, but not many, and I also use the following rules from 2E: thieves' discretionary points, THAC0, and nonweapon proficiencies.

To read summaries of game sessions, go to http://www.osdnd.org (http://www.osdnd.org/). I still need to post a summary of our last session (Jan. 21), though.

PM me or reply here if interested.