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01-20-2012, 05:13 PM
I want to start a new Play by post game based in pathfinder or dnd 3.5. This system would not be your run of the mill game. I cut out most of the current magic system and made an alchemy magic system that bases to 8 elements that manifest as physical energy. A player must collect said energy and combine it in a sort of alchemy way in order to cast spells. That is except for the Deamons (12 races of animal demons) who still use the old magic. The rules behind this new magic system would be of course (almost) fully available to players. I would hold back exactly what each combination does to make the game more mysterious.
All classes (other than deamon ones) will be allowed access to the use of this magic system at different power levels of course. Any current magic abilities would not be allowed. many feats would be translated to work with the new magic. I Have most of this done already so it would be available soon too. Message or post if your interested.

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I think I will schedule a spoiler game to show any interested people the system that should be ready to play in chat in a few weeks I'll have 6 or so characters available and with a mix of classes and we will always be able to clone them but change a few things to add a couple more players. I would be willing to run through it a couple of times to let everyone who wants it have a chance to test play.

01-21-2012, 02:17 AM
I'm interested. I don't have time for the chat play test, but I'll PbP.

Estimated Prophet
02-05-2012, 06:49 PM
I'm game for PbP.

02-13-2012, 07:48 PM
ok the game is shaping up right now I have the following class mods. The Aether in the name is replaced with a chosen element.
Ranger/Paladin = Knights of Aether
gain moderate blessing in an element and a minor curse in the opposed element and obligation to tithe 10% as well as a bound weapon and cloak with magic qualities.
Cleric/Wizard = Order of Aether
gain major blessing in an element and a moderate curse in the opposed and an obligation to tithe 10% and use of Ward Aether ability
they have a chose of domains or schools(abjuration or universal only for now I may allow more) and they maintain the orison or cantrip ability but scribe scroll is replaced with Craft Aether Capacitor and the Aura is an Aether aura of your chosen element
Fighter = Aether Soldier
gains moderate obligation to follow their "leaders" rules (they usually are attached to a Knight but they can be mercenaries) and Aether Channel (Allows the channel of a prepared Aether spell through a melee weapon attack)
minor Aether ability and skill change
Barbarian = Aether Shaman
Gains Aether Sense (ability to find sources of Aether), and Minor Clan obligation (like a 10% tithe but to clan)
minor Aether ability
Rogue = Aether Assassin
gains Aether Masking (ability to hide Aether you have) and Minor Mix limitation (cannot mix new Aether spells in battle)
and Minor Aether abilities
Druid = Summoner
Gains Aether Induction (allows aether to be pulled from seemingly no where 1 in 6 chance) and a minor limitation (I havent chosen yet) summon Aether ability

I will be making this available for you to browse if you pm me. The fighter and barbarian have very minor aether ability. Everyone else looses spell casting and gains aether skills. A Daemon character can class in only Fighter, Rogue, Bard, Sorcerer, or Barbarian and I have one current mod for them.
Fighter = Deamon Blood Cultist
the blood cultist can use a fighter feat, instead of gaining a feat to design a special attack that will be their deamon powers.

02-23-2012, 08:28 PM
ok so I've been having a computer error that corrupted my files on this even my program that was to help me with the spells that and the time to redo all this is just too much so I think im going to have to call this one off. sorry guys