View Full Version : Give me your old, your battered, your weary...White Wolf characters!

01-18-2012, 10:49 AM
Hi everyone! Long time roleplayer, first time poster. I am currently running a Vampire the Masquerade game with four players. This is a low generation game with well-established characters, two of which are very combat-heavy bruisers (Gangrel and Brujah), and two of which are magic-heavy/thieves (Caitiff and Tremere.) The game has a great balance, and I have a great story all mapped out. I am very good at writing stories that have plot twists, side stories, goal fulfillment, all of that.

But I am horrendous at combat. I cannot for the life of me flush out the character sheets of the people they fight in combat. I don't use their disciplines fully, or in last week's case, didn't GIVE them any. I am not sure why when it comes to combat my brain just SHUTS DOWN, but it does.

Then I had an idea: Do you have a mage, werewolf, vampire, wraith, or hunter that you want to throw in a gauntlet against four well-established vampires? And if so, what would you do first if you were playing that character? Basically, I am asking you to help me kick some PC butt. If you would be so kind as to send me you character sheet and tell me what you would do to try to defeat them, that would be awesome. Otherwise, any ideas or help would be spectacular.

[Small Print: I promise to not use your character for profit, and to only use it personally for this campaign. I won't distribute copies of it or sell it or upload it to anywhere on the internet. You retain all rights to your character.]