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01-06-2012, 06:00 PM
It is roughly 10 years after Order 66 was given. The JediOrder has been destroyed, and the Republic was quick to follow. Throughout theSenate though, whispers of rebellion have begun to spread like wild fire, butnone are brave enough or ready to step forward and make the claim for open rebellion.Many scars of the Clone Wars have only recently begun to heal.

Imperial Intelligence has caught wind of these whispers, buta different threat has them worried. There are still members of the Jedi Orderalive. If a Jedi teams up with a Senator, serious trouble could come to theEmpire.
Lord Vader has prepared for this threat and the training isover. An elite strike team, directly under Vaderís command, known asKnightfall, are setting up for their first mission after almost 8 years ofspecial training. Their target? A young Jedi Knight who has begun trainingpadawans on the Outer Rim planet of Roon.
Rebellionís Dawn:
Senator Organa has just snapped. He and his allies agree tofull out rebellion when a Jedi Knight Organa has aided was captured andsentenced to death by public execution. The senators can do nothing for theirfriend by themselves, so the most elite squad of loyal soldiers they couldround up is in charge of the actual rescue from a prison on one of the moons ofTroydaria, a mid-rim world.

I often find myself bored, so why not host a play by postgame? Then it got better. Host two!

This game is planned to go right to level 20, and at level20, a special PvP battle between the two games shall begin to decide the realwinner.
While mild missions could be affected by the two games, forthe most part they are two separate storylines.
Role-playing will be going on. I will make multipleattachments of npcs, often designed in Hero Machine, and I will impersonatethem all for the aid of the story.
Combat will also be happening. I do not have a set schedule,so a virtual table top will not work for me. Instead, I use Maptools andPhotoshop to design detailed maps for everyone to fight on.
I am looking for 3-5 players per side.
If you are interested in playing, send me a message withplans for your character, back story basics, advanced character plans (bounty hunter, jedi master), and what side you want to play, thendesign a level one character and post it in the game thread in the Play by Postforum on P&PG.
Good Luck, Good Gaming, and May the Natural 20ís Be WithYou!