View Full Version : Survival in Hororlypse

01-05-2012, 12:24 PM
After watching too many horror, sci-fi, and fantasy movies, I have created a new campaign for 3.5. It's a horrorish campaign where the players will due battle with many familiar horror type creatures, battle insanity, and fight for their very survival. The game will be played on Saturdays from 2 till 6. I have plenty of drinks and my wife will make an occasional cake or snack for the group. Feel free to bring anything you like as well, more food for happy gamers. I don't have a lot of rules for players but here are some few:

- I have a 19 Month year old son who likes to run around during the game and ocassionally want to be held or want you snacks. Also if he's asleep, try not to be too loud.
- Be open minded and enjoy the game. Don't go extremely overboard as I've had that occur on some occasinos
- If you are a smoker, there's a patio you can use.
- If you're having problems or want to add some ideas to the game, email them to me or if you are having scheduling issues let me know. I can work with you for the most part.

Other than that, feel free to post if interested or email me at alucardnogard@hotmail.com