View Full Version : Star Wars: Rebellion's Dawn

12-30-2011, 01:34 PM
This game will be a Play-by-Post on Facebook simply because my phone alerts me with an update so I can reply quickly. Maps will be provided, and Roleplaying is a must.
The era will be 10 years before the Battle of Yavin, which falls between Episode 3 and Episode 4.
This is a light side campaign, and you will be with the Rebellion.
I am looking for serious players who will post at a fast pace, and not leave everybody waiting for more then a day.
I have every book for Saga Edition, so everything is available. Just tell me where you found it so I can check the rules on it.
If you are interested in playing, email me at anima7155@yahoo.ca with your name, your level one character design (backstory will be appreciated), and a link to your Facebook account (does not have to be your real one).
Any questions, post them as comments.