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12-28-2011, 02:47 PM
I ran the start of the MERP game Pirates of Pelagir last fall. Schedules changes, and we couldn't continue. Now, I'm looking to continue the game from an easy-to-restart point. This is Dungeons and Dragons Essentials. Create a 2nd level hero.
The game takes place in Middle Earth in the Third Age. A merchant ship was attacked by pirates of the coast of the Harad. Though the pirates were repelled, there is fear they'll regroup and continue their reign of terror. A group of heroes is needed to track down the survivors of the pirates and take them out.
We'll meet weekly in Feb-March at the War Store to play 3 hour sessions. 5-8pm. Smaller commitment for a short-run campaign. Lots of fun promised.
E-mail gmg@threat-detected.com for info.