View Full Version : Newbie DM interested in starting a chat based 3.5 campaign, looking for players, and veteran DMs

12-26-2011, 10:13 PM
Taking Place: On Chatango.com, my username there is LokiWolfDM.
When and How Often? When at least one player is on while I am, I am willing to do 1 on 1s until a stable schedule can be set up. Then I'll try to bring the 1on1 players together. How often has yet to be determined.

Setting: Its during the approximate time that flintlocks were in use, but bows were still widespread. It's not really part of any existing setting, I wanted to challenge my own creativity.

I'm still looking for players, and I'm welcoming the assistance of veteran dungeon masters as well.

For more information, ya'll can speak to me on chatango, they let you make non member/anon posts