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12-16-2011, 02:56 AM
Looking for 1-2 players to join weekly Saturday Pathfinder game, in-progress.

Teaser: Nearly 200 years after the Spellplague and the onset of the dreaded Scourge, the Heartland nations burgeon with opportunity and strife, while the rest of Faerun suffers in darkness. A few gods have died, and many faiths preach their scriptures of End Times. One nation, however, stands apart. Aglarond has become a shining jewel, an oasis of civilization that has prospered despite all odds. Yet, the Simbul’s legacy may not be enough. Her throne remains empty, as troubles brew and tensions rise and enemies, both new and old, lurk in every shadow.

Rule set: Pathfinder (with converted FR and 3.5 material). Pathfinder is pretty easy to pick up if you're familiar with 3.5. Those new to the system are welcome.

Campaign World: Forgotten Realms – late 1500s DR (+100 or so years beyond FR 4e canon)

Style: A good mix of role-playing and action. I encourage players to speak in-character and do so myself for all of the NPCs and monsters. I also am not afraid to let the PCs “be awesome”.

Current level: 6

Current PCs:
- A tarnished Tormite knight with a growing taste for power
- An exiled Bedine spiritual warrior, seeking weapons to combat the Shadow
- A rogue-modron wizard trying to find the secrets of Law in an increasingly chaotic world
- An orphaned white dragon that has learned all too well on what it means to be ‘civilized’

Day: Saturday (weekly)
Time: 1PM to midnight
Location: Belltown
Current Age Range: mid-20s to mid-30s

If interested, then please email me directly.

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We have a mix of local and remote players.
We use Skype/MapTool + IRC for die-rolling. Local setup includes a couple of computers, conference phone and a big bowl of dice.

12-16-2011, 09:53 AM
It sounds so interesting... If only it wasn't impossible to park down there :-(