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12-15-2011, 07:13 PM
I am starting a campaign in January after the holidays are over. The game will be at my condo weekly on Sundays from 1230-6ish.

Pathfinder rules, start at level one, I want good back stories.

The setting is in our world (with magic and fantasy races like elves and dwarves) during the crusades era. Starts in France near Paris and you will make your way to Outremer(the Holy Lands). No racial languages, meaning you speak the language for wherever you are from. Two main religions, Christians and Muslimes, anybody that worships the pathfinder deities are considered pagans or heretics. Elves are cursed with a short lifespan equal to humans. The ability to craft magic items was lost 1000 years ago, this means that magic items are rare, the items for sale are expensive, and unless a character discovers the knowledge again they can not make magical items.