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12-13-2011, 12:27 PM
I am looking for people for a d20 modern/past game set in 1943 during WW2, the game's theme will be a combination of Inglorious Bastards/Metal Gear Solid series with a small supernatural touch on the nazi's side [No Zombies], It will be somewhat of a 70/30 split between roleplaying/combat. You will be part of a special task force put together and sent on missions that normal soldiers could never complete, this will be more of a "heroic cinema" game as in I will have scripted sections where they are needed to advance the plot/story.

The only restriction to character creation is American or British nationality, age [at least 18] and no pure military background or insane people. I want the recruiter to have seen something special in you as a part of the normal world. There will be 3 npc's in this story as part of the party and the niche's they fill are the Tough and Brutish heavy arms-man, the sleek and sexy femme fatale, and the quiet but brilliant medic. I am fine with you playing in the same role as any of these characters i simply have them for story/plot purposes but they are not entirely necessary.

For character creation you can use the 4d6 re-roll ones method for each stat and roll 3 sets choosing whichever set you find the best. I can play using voice only but if you would like i can use RP-Tools to make maps but sometimes it limits me to what i can make, but we will be using RP-Tools even if we dont use maps because it has an integrated dice roller and macro system and will be using Skype for Communication.

Inexperienced or Veteran players welcome even if you dont have the d20 books. You can use
http://www.pathguy.com/d20modern.htm to help with character creation if you dont have the books and http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd for information on feats/talents/skills/character types and all that jazz.

Date and time that we play the game is Whenever we can get everyone together. I am free almost all of the time except during my morning classes and available on anyday. My Hosting abilities are a little skewered and you will need to download [Log me in Hamachi] and have to use the direct tab in map tools to put my address in directly.

I will need one week after finding a full group to customize the story and intro based on the players characters.