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12-12-2011, 09:15 AM
We actually have enough people for this campaign, but I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone else is interested, I'm always on the look out for new people to game with. We will be playing every other saturday evening starting in january.

This campaign takes place in the evil lands of the horde. Hobgoblins, goblins, Drow, Drider, Duergar, Bugbears, Ogres, Frost Giants (in the northern territories) and Fire Giants (in the southern territories) and a few other rarer species (anything not listed requires a compelling backstory) are the main citizens, Orcs, Kobolds and the races in the player's handbook are slave races, players may play one of these races at their own risk. Hill Giants, Trolls, Gnolls and lizardfolk are mostly barbarian, living in the wilderness and not interacting much with society (except for trolls, who are highly adaptive and can find their niche anywhere). Wild tribes of Orcs and Kobolds often work together to oppose the empire of Hrotx that enslaves their people. Minotaurs live in the underdark and rarely come to the surface, but there are a handful of minotaur mercenaries about, enough that an extensive backstory isn't necessary.

This is a sandbox game, the players can play any of the above mentioned races or they can create a detailed backstory if they want to play something else. The game will be mostly freestyle and begins in a location of the player's choosing, anywhere on the eastern continent (an area which has yet to be mapped).

Players may make characters with one hit die and may be up to ECL 3 with level adjustments (Drow for example), all PCs start with 0 XP. If a player chooses a racial class with multiple levels but only one hit die (such as faerie or brownie) they could take up to 3 levels of it, as long as they still have only one hit die. If a player wanted to play as a half dragon (pending a backstory) they could take up to two levels of the 3 level half dragon class, since it has no hit dice. Races that have racial hit dice must take that racial hit die at first level, for example, a bugbear must take at least 1 racial hit die plus their level adjustment

this is a nocturnal society. Most people sleep during the day and are up and about at night. Most slaves work during the day and remain locked up at night.

The empire is rather scattered. There are cities that are not ruled by the empire, but even in these towns there is still a church of Hrotx. These towns that are not wholly controlled by the empire are only free of imperial control because of their own strength and ability to keep the empire at bay.

- [ ] Vathklorn NG (the god of travel is the only good deity known in this region)
- [ ] Quinque TN (Any Alignment)
- [ ] Daigentu TN (the god of life an death is mostly worshipped by clerics who fight the undead)
- [ ] Hrotx LE (this is the religion that runs the state, clerics,
monks and paladins of this order are above the law with
respect to civilians)
- [ ] Shulditat NE (Banned by the empire, this is a god of necromancy)
- [ ] Bl'Mmorphett NE (mostly worshipped by warriors as a god of
competition and war)
- [ ] Malsvirrygat CE (this dragon god would be banned for causing
so much trouble except that some very high ranking members of
this church hold very powerful positions within the empire)
- [ ] Jaidu CE (main god of the Drow)
- [ ] Ahnemn the Destroyer CE (Banned by the empire, this religion usually leads to chaos cults)

Caves of Shadow: The PCs are sent to investigate a gathering of shadows. Like Necromancy, Shadow magic is banned in the empire, so there is a large bounty being offered for anyone who can stop the proliferation of shadows in the region. It is believed that a shadow mage is gathering minions of shadow and the local Duke has offered a generous bounty of 1,000 gold to anyone who can not only track down this shadow-mancer but provide evidence of their demise. The PCs have followed reports of shadows and tracked the source to this dark cave. We begin as they enter the Caves of Shadows.

04-18-2013, 04:44 PM

I was just on here looking for a new game and I saw this old post I had put up. I never did get to run this game, but I do remember creating the dungeon. If anyone is interested in this campaign I would be down to run it on saturday nights.