View Full Version : Heroes of the Emerald Empire

Brother Julianus
12-11-2011, 02:33 PM
:eek:Looking to begin a Legends of the Five Rings RPG campaign, using the 1st edition books and set four years before the Scorpion Clan Coupe. This is a game of:

Warriors, Spell-weilders and terrbile monsters in a setting simular to ancient Japan/ China/ Korea

New or never heard of the game (welcomed), don't own none of the books (welcomed) or have knowledge of the CCG or RPG (welcomed). Hoping to establish a game that runs once a week, for about 4-5 hours. Players do not need to purchase any materials or computer programs (maptools is free and I own a Ventrilo account).

For those who know about the system:
Players will be making characters form the Seven Great Clans (only). The Adventures will consist of an assortment of themes (horror, mystery, Inrigue, politics, romance, etc). For more Information please PM me. Looking to begin after the New Year.

Day and time TBD by player avaiablity (although the game will not be played on SAT as that day is reserved for a Warhammer Dark Heresy Game that I run). For More information reply, PM or email me.