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12-07-2011, 10:12 AM
This is sort of a combination post. While I am looking for players to be able to play more regularly - I am also looking for people to test out my online pen and paper software - Game Dungeon Online. The app itself was designed to be generic and flexible. It should work for any game that involves dice and other players. My personal campaign setting is in a high fantasy world, using DnD 3.5. The game world involves a very large number of filled in continents with defined societies and overall struggles. The game world is huge, and as of yet my current players have seen maybe 1/3 of the total area. New parties start out in different areas of the world as I continue to flesh out various continents until the entire map is filled.

Each campaign in the world deals with the same overarching story, but that is layered over each continental region's local story lines and was only barely touched on by my last longest running group. Simply put my world is ruled by Dragon and Half Dragons - but primarily only the inner continents. The world is split into larger defined continents that are linked via gateways. The outer continents are more so the domain of the lesser races. Between sessions I have a forum where I post local shop inventories, general plot progression and track past events for the story line. You can see my overall website at http://www.zombiemonkeygames.com. The pen and paper stuff specific to my campaign is hidden to non-registered users that aren't in the proper group though.

I have a youtube video up of my software that gives a rough overview of how it works, with a few features left out. Even if you aren't playing my campaign, if you think you would like to beta my software, let me know. I am planning to host a kickstarter to try and get the funding and interest needed to bring it to major platform after a bit more polishing - hopefully Steam. I still think Pen and Paper gaming is the real source of creativity and offers the most satisfying gaming experience around. I want to bring that experience online and make it easily and intuitive with 1 universal application that has everything you need right there to make it easy and manageable.

With that said, lets see where this goes!

Preferred viewing for the video, if you do watch it is 1080p full screen so you can see the details of what's going on. :lol: