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12-07-2011, 02:36 AM
Hello everyone. I am not sure where to post my ad so if it is in the wrong spot I apologize. It is my first time and first day here at this huge site!

I have just created a new site called play by posting. It is a site that needs gamemasters and roleplayers to start posting in the forums. If you have the time and effort to create great games then please come on over and join. The site is free and always will be.

It would be great to start a Dungeon & Dragons game on that site.

The site is www.playbyposting.webs.com (http://www.playbyposting.webs.com) and will change in 48 hours to www.playbyposting.com (http://www.playbyposting.com)

I also have added a link of penandpapergames.com to make sure you can go right back to this site after visiting the brand new site with only 1 member on it and that is me! lol

I wish you great holidays and a wonderful week. Thank you for posting here Administration / Moderators.