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12-04-2011, 11:10 PM
It's time to get my gaming fix on. Here's the deal, guys - I'm looking for a good sit-down game in Toronto. I'm willing to join a game, if you're looking for a player, but this thread is me offering to run a game for a few good people.

The pitch : The game will be centered around two major cities, separated on either side of a river, which are locked in a cold war-ish state. Neither one particularly likes the other, there are people on both sides who would gladly see the other side dismantled, and there are plenty of NPCs around who would either like to see them mend their differences, or intend to profit from the conflict. The setting is leaning toward standard fantasy feel, with a little bit of burgeoning industrial revolution on the side that shuns arcane magic. Think major use of water wheels and big, clunky steam engines that do relatively minor things, not clockwork golems and lightning trains.

Possible conflicts I'm looking at right now center around the nature of Good and Evil as it pertains to the material plane, as well as the obvious conflict between the two cities. Other conflicts may be inspired by the characters you put forward, either major or minor. I *will* incorporate aspects of what you give me for your characters into the plot.

The logistics : I'm looking to run a game on the weekends, and base it somewhere that is TTC accessible. Preferably a weekly game, exact timing to be determined based on group, with sessions roughly 4 hours worth of play time. Optimally I'd like to see a group form up, do character creation before Christmas, and then start the game proper sometime after New Year's. That'll give me time to incorporate your characters into the plot I choose to pursue, without bogging us all down during the Christmas break.

The one trouble - I'm unfortunately not able to host personally, so unless one of the players is capable of doing so, we'll have to find a place that we can go to. There's a gaming shop near my house, however, and I can probably convince them to let us game there if all else fails.