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12-04-2011, 08:09 PM
I'm an experienced 3.5 and 4e player, looking for a 4e game, ideally on a weeknight. I enjoy engrossing and epic storylines as well as puzzle-solving and tactical combat. Just seeing what groups are out there. Thanks!

12-05-2011, 05:34 AM
Hi LazyNinja,

Here is information about our 4e Infinite Worlds campaign. You can also check us out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/teamweird/. I'm happy to answer questions, on email or in person (we're playing this Thursday).

Team Weird Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Weird about?
Our RPG group centers on a team of powerful world-jumpers who go on missions across the multiverse. “Interworld Special Weapons and Tactics, or ISWAT, is the elite black ops section of the Infinity Patrol…Rumor has it that these [operatives] include famous historical or mythical figures plucked from alternate worlds; wizards, psis, and supers; nonhumans (including undead); slumming angels and reformed demons and even retired pagan demigods. Many of these rumors are true.” – GURPS Campaigns

Why do you call yourselves Team Weird?
The name came up when we noticed that all of us picked the Weirdness Magnet Disadvantage for our characters.

What game system do you use?
We’ve used GURPS 4th Edition since it published in 2004.

Why GURPS? Isn’t it a difficult system?
The best thing about GURPS is its powerful character creation system. You can create ANY character in GURPS. That’s important when you’re putting a monk from Shangri-La at the table with a robot, a demi-goddess, a rune-master, a tough-as-nails military officer and an atomic mutant shapeshifter. It is also an excellent rules set.

But don’t you get bogged down in all those rules?
On the whole, GURPS does have a lot of rules, but no-one is expected to use them all. You pick the subset of rules that fit the kind of game you’re running and how crunchy you want to get. Team Weird takes a more cinematic approach to the rules. If you can handle the GURPS Lite rule set (free on the web), you’ll do just fine. No experience necessary.

How often do you get together?
We try to game weekly, as schedules allow. Our games have been mostly Wednesday and Thursday nights of late, from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. The Game Master (GM) picks the night.

Where do you play?
We play at Cafe 28, corner of 5th Ave and 28th Street, upstairs seating. Since the management is kind enough to let us linger for several hours, we always buy our food and drink there when we game. It’s only fair.

Who’s the GM?
We rotate GM duty among those who want to run missions. The player GMing that week will usually have his character sit out the mission, but the GM’s character still gets experience points. Each GM can run a different world, or several worlds if he or she wants.

How do you handle Experience Points?
We start out our new players at 350 points. We tend to give out 3 points per gaming session, with bonuses possible at GM's discretion. After 400 points, PCs get only 1 point per session.

Some of you have been playing for years. Won’t my character be at a disadvantage?
Not at all. Most of us rotate characters or retire and start new ones every so often. Also, after 400 XP characters only get 1 point per session.