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11-30-2011, 08:17 AM

My name is CiCi and I am a DM looking for players! I am developing my own world with its own plot, gods and the likes. My basic premise is:

Ever since the human rulers put an end to a bloody supernatural conflict. Thousands of years ago it is said that a ghastly horde of undead horrors terrorized the land. Silver robed figures were said to control these armies in the name of the Lord of the Gods Lunniea and many unspeakable crimes were perpetrated in his name.

The elves know this claim to be untrue. They have said that the crimes instead were committed by the Lord of the Void Erebus as a punishment to his son Lunniea for leading the elven race towards the light. The truth has been burried by centuries of ethnic warfare against the elves.

The once proud race has been driven out of their ancestral forests to the barren wastes of the Crescent Continent, while the humans have built up a glorious empire on the mainland in the ashes of this conflict.

Lunniea's name has been stricken in histories as a now evil god, and his followers are pursued and punished for crimes which they didn't commit. While the Four Mother Goddesses have maintained order for years, they know things cannot continue to happen this way. Erebus and his minions are on the prowl waiting to strike. The elves know Lunniea's power is waning just like the moon he represents. Some even say he may be dying- which could spell disaster for the world.

The human king has been made aware of this. Since assuming the throne he has done much to bridge the gulf enveloping these two races, including inviting the elves back to the main land. His work might be in vain though. A group known as The Nameless Ones is popularizing old ethnic fears. It has also turned its attention towards the persecution of arcane spell casters known as The Gifted. They operate under souly evil means though, it is rumored that their leaders are in league with Erebus.

The elves have started The Sacred Order of the Moon Lilly under the leadership of the charismatic young priest Lord Kerruanna Thoqueisarath Baequimitore with hopes to counter this movement. As one of the last of Lunniea's oracles he has actively employed adventuring individuals to seek out volumes of lost elven lore. It seems he might be searching for the location of an ancient divine power that was given to mortals by Lunniea himself.

A power both the elves and The Nameless ones would love to get their hands on.

I run my game as a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e game. I have a few players online but I'd love to bring the game to the table with new PCs with hopes of getting two groups that could eventually meet up online. Background info can be viewed at http://world.wandering-aimlessly.com (http://world.wandering-aimlessly.com/)

I am looking for a good mix of strong characters with an emphasis on role-playing. However there will also be some combat thrown in as well.

I would like at least 6 players to get going. Any experience level will be accepted and if you guys don't mind I might invite my kid sister to the game. However I am looking for mature and serious players.

If interested you can contact me at my e-mail address wanderer.aimie@gmail.com or on AIM as rikuryoichi

12-30-2011, 09:06 AM
Just thought I'd post to say that I found some players and my group will be starting soon. Thanks for all the inquiries