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11-14-2011, 04:52 PM
I'm thinking of running a modern post apocalyptic zombie game, but with a fantasy twist. I've had experience with 3.5 and little else, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated thanks

11-15-2011, 09:31 AM
A lot of what system I decide on using depends on how I want the game played. While the content of the game isn't system specific, how the game plays is very system specific. For instance, a game like 3.5 tends to be less deadly than say, Basic Role-Playing where a lucky critical hit can mean the end of a character. I'm being fairly general here, but on average, one system is much more deadly than another.

Another consideration is the type of game play each system gives you. Again, comparing 3.5 with something like Hero System, Hero tends to be less deadly and more 4 color comic book, with the main type of damage being stunning damage.

Now, my suggestion would be to look at the following systems, most of which have a test drive version of the rules available if you look around enough. Basic Role-Playing, Savage Worlds, All Flesh Must Be Eaten (don't believe there is a test drive for this one). Then also consider 3.5, but you already have experience with that one so you have something that you can compare it to.

Hope this helps.

11-17-2011, 06:54 AM
the real problem is guns, I'm unsure how to put guns into the game. i would like to use guns alongside standard fantasy weapons, the problem is guns are too powerful. is there some sort of ruling system i could use to have guns and swords without making either redundant. also if anyone knows of any sort of zombie template, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

11-17-2011, 07:46 AM
Well, if the setting you want to run is not in the modern times, you can just remove guns! If it is in modern times and you don't want a lot of guns involved in the game, you just make ammunition rare! Guns are nice till you run out of bullets, then they become clubs, but not very good clubs. Most guns are not built to work as clubbing weapons, something like a baseball bat works so much better, it's designed to be swung at an object, not to be pointed and fire a projectile!

I wouldn't worry to much about having guns in the campaign if it fits the setting. Oh and especially in the modern age, while there are lots of guns available, not everyone is properly trained in their use! It's one thing to fire a gun at a target, something else entirely to deal with a combatant who is out to kill you! Granted, if the combatant doesn't have a gun to shot back at you with, zombie, it becomes a little easier to shoot, but if the head is the only way to stop a zombie, the head is not nearly as easy a target to hit as the body, so while they can shoot a zombie in the body, it's not going to stop it, might knock it down, but it'll get back up and the damage to it will be minor as far as stopping it, if it bothers the zombie at all!

Another thing I'd do is not allow the players the knowledge that a head shot is the only way to put a zombie down! Granted, our society has been pretty well ingrained with that fact, but the society that the PCs are from might not know that fact. So most people, not knowing that a head shot will drop a zombie will be more inclined to shoot the body, especially those who have gun training!

11-25-2011, 12:35 PM
Savage Worlds Explorer Edition... its $10, does modern well and includes fantasy elements (like magic rules) and a zombie in the back. Go with what Skunkape said about guns